Love Island viewers 'disgusted' as new boy Aaron, 24, tells Chloe, 25, she is 'past her prime'

LOVE Island fans have slammed new boy Aaron Simpson for telling 25-year-old Chloe Burrows she is "past her prime".

Footballer Aaron, 24, was shown making a dig at Chloe's age after being set up on a date with her.

Newbie Aaron told marketing executive Chloe: "Twenty five turning twenty six, maybe passing your prime a little bit?"

Chloe shot back: "Are you f***ing serious? I'm a weapon."

Viewers couldn't believe their ears and took to Twitter to vent their anger.

One said: "Did Aaron just tell a 25 year old woman she was 'passing her prime'?"

Another added: "Aaron said Chloe is past her prime and she still wants to get to know him???"

A third raged: "Aaron saying past 25 is past your prime. THE AUDACITY."

A fourth tweeted: "Still not over Aaron telling Chloe she's 'past her prime' at almost 26. I would have drop-kicked him into the pool."


Aaron was sent on a date with both Chloe and Mary.

Once in the villa, he told the boys: "Me and Chloe got along well, man. She is cool and so is Mary."

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Aaron was one of two new faces to enter the villa on Monday night.

He and medical student Priya have arrived in a bid to find love – and undoubtedly stir up trouble.

Newly-single Teddy was sent on a date with Priya, 23, following his split from letting agent Faye, 26.

In an attempt to break any tension, Priya spoke to Faye about her date with Teddy.

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Priya told her: "I picked Teddy and Matthew because I find them both the most attractive.

"Teddy was really sweet, I find him just a really down to earth person. Obviously, you know him better than I do…"

Faye told her: "Right now, I don't think that. But we are going to work on it. Right now, I can't say I'm his greatest fan."

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