Love Island’s Amy Day brands Hugo Hammond ‘fake’ after brutal four-way dumping

Love Island fans lost an original Islander on Thursday – Hugo Hammond was ousted from the villa alongside Casa Amor girl Amy Day, while Sam Jackson and Clarisse Juliette also left in a brutal four-way dumping.

But Amy wasn't holding back in her scathing review of Hugo, who she was coupled up with, as she branded him "fake".

Upon her exit chat, Amy said Hugo had originally caught her eye because "he reminded me of friends I had back home."

Amy explained: "If I’m attracted to you, I’m attracted to you. All my exes are completely different. Different personalities, different jobs, their appearance is completely different.

"So if I had that vibe, that chemistry then I can’t pinpoint why. It was almost an instant thing."

She insisted her feelings for Hugo were "100% genuine", admitting: "Everyone could see that. I think at the end, everyone questioned why on earth he just wasn't reciprocating what I was giving.

"I tried. I was being 100% genuine and real and I was a little bit messed around, but I loved the experience. I've definitely learned what I don't want and how I should be treated in a relationship."

But Hugo, according to Amy, was just plain "fake".

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When asked how she thinks about Hugo now, Amy confessed: "Fake – because he wasn't telling me that he didn't like me."

She continued: "I do wish I'd opened up and re-coupled with someone else."

Going into the main villa with Hugo was an "almost instant" atmosphere change, as Amy explained: "The next day, he was very hot and cold.

"He would never naturally choose to come and chill with me. So I felt it was all for show."

And, though fans were certain they'd shared a secret romp under the bedsheets, Amy was clear when she said: "Also, 100% did not sleep with Hugo."

On Thursday night, fans were left cringing at Amy's expression as Hugo slated her – while standing right next to her.

The unlucky-in-love PE teacher wasn't holding back when he branded the relationship "tragic", admitting: "My search for love in there, tragic is probably the word for it.

"I'll walk away with my head held high, I stayed true to myself and I look forward to the next chapter on what life has in store for Mr Hammond."

Amy's eyes widened in shock as she felt the implication of his no-holds-barred comment.

Amy and Hugo met in Casa Amor while Hugo was still in a friendship couple with Chloe Burrows, sharing a bed and plenty of snogs with her.

Love Island continues on Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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