Love Island’s Amy has foul-mouthed meltdown after mates laugh at her expense

Love Island 's Amy Hart went into a foul-mouthed meltdown tonight.

The air hostess was already seething with rage when she watched Curtis snogging new girl Arabella Chi during a kissing contest – but things got even worse.

Blindfolded Curtis gave Arabella a perfect score of ten our of ten, despite only giving his half-girlfriend a measly seven.

"Good connection – it's a ten," said Curtis to the surprise of the other Islanders, with Anton telling him: "I don't think that was who you think it was."

Everyone started laughing about the kissing scandal at the end of the challenge, which sent Amy into a furious rage.

Turning to the girls, Amy said: "I think everyone found it really fun but I had a bit of a sh*** time."

Amy then stormed off into the main villa, sarcastically saying "it's so funny", leaving confused Curtis wondering why she was so upset.

In the Beach Hut, Amy said: "Well obviously I feel absolutely horrendous. I don't care about coming last as I lost marks for being slow and shallow. I don't want to longingly kiss those boys. Especially not Curtis."

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Curtis was keen to squash the issue immediately, but Amy was livid with Curtis for not knowing she when she was kissing him.

Calling him out, Amy said: “I scratched your neck like I always do, so you knew it was me. And then you gave me a seven and rated everyone else really high.”

Defensive Curtis replied: “I didn’t know that it was you. I thought it was you as it smelt like you as well."

That didn't make it any better as Amy claimed the "whole situation is s***" as she strolled back outside.

Amy admitted she was "being a brat" and insisted she was more angry at people laughing than she was at Curtis.

She shouted: "It's not f***ing funny. You're all meant to be my mates and you think it's really funny."

Curtis then dug a deeper whole by telling Amy: "It actually felt like you. I don't meant it in a bad way. That sounds wrong."

Walking off, Amy replied: "Yeah…erm…I’m just gonna sit down with some other people."

Curtis was briefly in the doghouse but they made up during a dinner date.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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