Love Island’s Anna Vakili sent death threats after being snapped with footballer

Love Island beauty Anna Vakili has revealed she was sent death threats after being pictured with a footballer.

Pharmacist Anna, 28, who viewers will see enter the Majorcan villa tomorrow, said the pair’s relationship was headline news in their native Iran.

But she said it sparked a backlash of hate and abuse which swiftly saw them split.

Anna, who lives in London, said: “I got a lot of hate. I got death threats. Fans were like, ‘You’re taking my husband from me.’

“In Iran they’re not allowed to do these things. We just parted ways.”

Anna says she is proud to be the show’s first ever “curvy girl” contestant.

And she thinks bosses should be putting more women like her in the villa instead of “skinnies”.

“I am 100% proud to represent my body type,” she said.

“I’ve always watched Love Island and thought, ‘Why are the girls so skinny?’ They don’t represent all girls. I’m repping it for curvy girls.”

Anna – dubbed the British Kim Kardashian because of her resemblance to the US star – refuses to be drawn on whether she has had any cosmetic surgery.

“I feel like it should be something that’s a bit private,” she said coyly.

She admits that because of her job she could become this year’s Dr Alex George – dishing out medical advice to fellow contestants.

But in real life, she says, men are shocked she has beauty and brains.

She added: “It’s funny telling people that I’m a pharmacist on a night out. They just don’t expect it at all.

“And when they come in the pharmacy, especially guys, and they want to get advice on a problem or a skin problem or even a penis problem, it’s just like hilarious. They’re just like shaking.

“Sometimes they get their mum to come in. They’re like, ‘I can’t go and see that glamorous pharmacist. Mum, you go in and ask.’”

Anna says she is going on Love Island because her romances have been a disaster so far.

She has had four failed relationships – one with the soccer ace.

There are rumours her sister, Mandi, may enter the villa, too.

Anna said: “There was talk of having her on and then last minute it was pulled. So I don’t know. I would love it though.”

Asked how her family felt she added: “They weren’t over the moon, but they’re not against it either.

“And I won’t be having sex on TV because it’s like a private thing. It’s not gonna happen.”

Asked if she planned to return to her job once the show ends, she admitted: “Well, I hope not. That’s the honest truth, because I feel like it wasn’t filling enough for me, it wasn’t challenging enough for me.

“I wasn’t passionate about it. I think when you’re passionate about your work you’ll get further.

“It’s a bit more of a dead end for me, and so I hope not.”

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