Love Island’s tattoo-obsessed Danny spent more than £20k inking 90% of his body

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Danny Bibby is the latest bombshell to arrive on Love Island, and fans were amazed by his body art when they rushed to check his social media to find out more.

The 25-year-old plumber has chosen Kaz for a date, and viewers could see a hint of his body art poking out above his navy-blue long-sleeved jumper.

Viewers of the show are in for a surprise when he strips off, as he has 90% of his body covered in tattoos.

His regular tattoo artist is Sam Janbi, owner of Apollo Tattoo Arts in Leigh, Wigan.

He says of Danny's incredible ink: "I'd say he's 90% covered, and I've done 80% of them."

Devoted Danny has put in some serious hours: "He's been coming for around one session, every month, for the last seven years."

An average session lasts around six hours or so, "Around 400 hours as an estimate. Danny is a mate now, I see him as a friend so I knock a bit off for him."

Even with mates rates reducing it to £50 an hour, Danny has spent more than an eye-watering £20,000 on getting inked.

"He comes in his slippers and his dressing gown. He's got his own cup here at the studio!" laughs Sam, as Danny is such a regular.

His artwork includes a Batman themed leg sleeve on his left leg, and various portraits on his right leg including the iconic Stifler from American Pie, and the infamous Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber.

Sam says Danny is "very family-oriented. He does want kids eventually. On his right thigh above Post Malone and a portrait of his Mum he's left his thigh".

He explains: "He's left it blank as he says there's potential there for tattoos about future kids and stuff going forward."

His family weren't keen on the tattoos at first, but his Mum warmed up to them after he had a portrait of her and his dad.

Sam says: "He's dedicated a part of his body for life to his mum and his dad, which is beautiful isn't it."

Danny's back-piece isn't yet finished, and he still has appointments booked in to add to his collection.

Unlike fellow Islander Liam Reardon with his cookie bum tattoo, Danny doesn't have any naughty ink.

Laughs Sam: "No, he doesn't have any bum tattoos or any on or near his bits – that I know of! I've not done any."

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