Lucifer season 5 spoilers: Chloe makes another character vulnerable after showrunner tease

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After severe production delays amid the outbreak of coronavirus, Lucifer’s fifth season is finally set to release on August 21. Ahead of the first eight episodes dropping on Netflix, some revealing hints have appeared on Twitter courtesy of the series’ showrunners.


Although the cast and crew were unable to complete filming of Lucifer’s thrilling fifth season finale, the first half of the crime-solving devil’s latest adventures will be hitting screens soon.

In season five, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) remains trapped in Hell after confessing his love to Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Meanwhile on Earth, his twin brother Michael is causing havoc amongst his friends and family by impersonating the devil himself.

A new teaser trailer has revealed the next instalment’s first footage and set ‘Lucifans’’ imaginations on fire.

There have already been countless convincing and outlandish theories about the fifth season, including when fan favourite romantic pairing ‘Deckerstar’ will finally seal the deal.

With Michael sabotaging Lucifer’s love life above ground, it’s still unclear how long Lucifer will have to spend on his throne.

However, a new clue on Twitter may have pointed to a heart-warming reunion in episode five, Detective Amenadiel.

After getting a sneak peak at the new episodes, TV journalist Damian Holbrook took to his social media profile with some vague hints about season five part one.

He said: “Lucifer ep 505 tease. First I teared up. Then I wept.”

The TV writer then intriguingly clarified: “And no, it wasn’t Chloe making me vulnerable.”

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson, who wrote the episode, responded with a cryptic selection of heart, devil and praying emojis.

Some fans have latched on to Holbrook’s reference to Chloe’s ability to weaken Lucifer as a subtle hint to a major revelation in the next season.

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Lucifer discovers the detective makes him vulnerable when she accidentally shoots him in the fourth episode of season one, and later realises she was blessed at birth.

Fans took to the comments and speculated Chloe’s uncanny power over Lucifer could come into play in a major way throughout season five.

Viewers have speculated either her abilities stop working, or could even be the key to defeating Michael depending on if they work on Lucifer’s twin brother.

One fan suggested: “What does this mean for Chloe? Maybe this has something to do with Michael not being vulnerable against Chloe?”

While another asked: “Do you mean Lucifer is not vulnerable to Chloe? Or do you mean Michael? Oh god why is it so confusing?”

Depending on how convincing Michael’s Lucifer impression is, Chloe may still find her abilities work on the imposter based on her genuine feelings.

However, once she discovers the truth behind Michael’s nefarious scheme, she may need to risk her life to get close to him and leave him open to Lucifer’s plan of attack.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 will be released August 21 on Netflix.

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