MAFS’s Robert Voyey thanks viewers for support after cheating scandal

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Married at First Sight's Robert Voyey has thanked his doting fans after being hit with a wave of positive feedback from viewers as he left the show at the final commitment ceremony on Tuesday night.

Throughout the series, Bob has been open to showing his emotional side on the show after he discovered his wife Megan Wolfe shared a kiss with fellow contestant Jordon Mundell,who left the show in the first week.

Since then, loyal fans of the show have flooded the 26 year old with kind messages as well as sharing their own experiences of cheating partners with the Bournemouth hunk.

As much as the pair tried to make their marriage work both on and off screen, the business protection advisor remains on the lookout for his future wife but was blown away by the lessons he learnt on the show.

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, Bob shared how he handled watching the first commitment ceremony when he learned of Megan’s betrayal and admitted it back was bittersweet to watch it back again.

He said: “The first time, because obviously I knew what was coming, that took me back a little bit.

“It just takes you back to that time when we were going through that moment but so much has happened since then it’s just kind of forgotten about really.”

When asked why he decided to stay with the blonde beauty, the TV heartthrob admitted he wanted to “give everything I had” to the process.

He continued: “Everyone said. ‘Why did you stay?’ Well, it’s a very tense situation, I'm not giving up at the first hurdle and it blossomed so it was something really good from my side.

“So many people understood the situation between me and Megan were going through when we were on the show.”

One of the main pet peeves Bob had from watching the show was the little interactions Megan and he had which didn’t make the final cut.

He revealed: “I understand because it’s a short space of time that they have to show in an hour.

“But one of the things I'm a bit peeved, which a lot of people won’t see is the times me and Meghan have nice times.

“There are times when we are laughing, we are joking and having lovely times together when you’re just chilling in your apartment, [with] a glass of wine and have a laugh and get on with each other.”

Bob admitted that he was overwhelmed with the positive response online after being so open and vulnerable on the show.

He joked: “Sometimes I look at it and I'm like, ‘Am I crying again?’ But a lot of it touches on how tense the whole situation is.

“The support I've had from everyone has just been phenomenal. I've had a lot of people message me to say, ‘This is brilliant to see a fully-grown man cry on national TV.’

“But I think it’s imperative that people show their emotions,” he added. “There's a reason why men have the highest suicide rate.

“It’s because they try to stick to the stigma of how men shouldn’t cry in front of mates.

“So if the one good thing that comes from all of this is that I only help one person in that sense, [then] I feel like that’s perfect,” he admitted.

After his departure was aired on the show, Bob took to Instagram to thank everyone who supported him throughout the process.

Alongside a beautiful picture of he with his wife from their wedding day, he penned: “Well what can I say … what a journey me and @meganwolfeinsta had.

“We laughed, we cried (mostly me) but the main thing is we left at the right time. I gave this process everything I had and I don’t regret a thing.

He continued: “The love and support I have had from so many different people is absolutely amazing and I thank every single person who has messaged me in some capacity.

“Thank you @e4grams @channel4 @e4mafsuk for giving me the opportunity to meet Mrs Bob.

“I had a great time overall and I will continue to sing horrendously at Karaoke and do hand stands in swimming pools.”

Married at First Sight continues from Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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