Manifest season 4: Creator drops casting bombshell amid revival talks ‘I hope’

Manifest: NBC releases trailer for third season

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The supernatural drama series Manifest has been an unexpected hit with fans. However, NBC recently cancelled the series after three seasons, which has left audiences devastated and creator Jeff Rake scrambling for a possible revival. However, a recent update has provided fans with hope that the series could be returning again soon.

Manifest, first airing in 2018, follows a group of airline passengers after they suddenly reappear after being presumed dead for five years. After the passengers return, they soon face their grieving loved ones and struggle to adjust back to regular life.

However, the series takes a supernatural turn when the survivors begin to experience voices and visions of the future.

Fans have been loving the series so far and, ever since Manifest was added to Netflix in the USA, the series has found a larger, more passionate audience.

Despite its cancellation by NBC, there are currently talks of a revival due to its latest success, and showrunner Rake has hinted that some original cast members could be returning quite soon.

Deadline reported that the series may be saved by Netflix and that NBC was possibly eyeing a new season of their cancelled show.

As the rumours continued, Tori Richards of the Washington Examiner asked Rake on Twitter: “Will all the cast members come back, I hope?”

Offering some hope to dedicated viewers, Rake replied: “Me too! [smiley face emoji].”

Fans of the series were quick to respond to the news on Twitter, with one writing: “No doubt about it!! The cast & crew love this show just as much as we do! #SaveManifest.”

Someone else said: “I have been a fan since the beginning and was very upset that anyone chose to cancel this show. Please bring it back!!”

Another joked: “If they don’t then you can for sure cast me if that will save the show.”

“I love all of the characters soo much,” stated another viewer. (sic)

The comments kept rolling in, with another pleading: “Yes #netflix please #SaveManifest.”

Another fan commented: “WHAT OMG WHAT GREAT NEWS TO WAKE UP TO.”

Record viewing figures at Netflix have hinted that Manifest could live again and a recent report by Forbes confirmed the show was a major hit on the streaming service.

As Forbes reports, Manifest quickly climbed the charts on Netflix’s Top 10 list.

The series looked set to be one of Netflix’s most popular ever shows as it topped the charts for almost and entire month.

However, following the release of Virgin River season three, Manifest’s reign as number one came to an end.

As a result, it tied with Tiger King as the second-longest reigning series at the top of Netflix’s top 10.

The hashtag #SaveManifest has been trending on Twitter ever since the cancellation was announced.

But will networks finally listen as it has been proven that there is a large, dedicated fanbase who don’t want to lose the show?

In the past, Netflix has resurrected other series from different networks, most notably Lucifer.

The fact that Manifest is already in the Top 25 and it isn’t even a Netflix-produced show proves that the series is worth saving.

Fans are becoming more hopeful so, hopefully, the rumours about a revival turn out to be true.

Manifest is currently available to watch on NBC in the US, and on Sky and Now TV in the UK.

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