Mark Wright admits he was 'chasing the money in LA' on Extra and became 'sad and lonely' without wife Michelle Keegan

MARK Wright has admitted that he was "chasing money in LA" on Extra, and became "sad and lonely" without wife Michelle Keegan.

The 32-year-old star moved to the US in 2017 after landing a dream role as an entertainment reporter on Extra – just two years after marrying the brunette beauty.

The former Towie star has now opened up about the impact the distance had on his relationship, with both stars previously denying that their marriage came under strain with Mark's move.

Speaking on his Heart FM radio show, Mark was discussing a survey about whether money can buy happiness when he made the candid comments.

Spilling his heart out, the Essex hunk said: "60% of people say no – and I’m with them.

"Why am I with them? Kind of a personal experience if you don’t mind me sharing it.

"Now of course if you have the important things in life, like on this list number one was laughter, number two was family and love, so if you have that and then you come in to money somehow, of course it’s going to make what you already have a little bit happier, but can it buy happiness that’s not there? No I don’t think I can.

"I was fortunate enough to get an amazing job in Los Angeles, somewhere where I’ve always wanted to work, in Hollywood.

"I was living in the hills, Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills – life was great, so I thought. Four, five months in, I sat back and I was a bit lonely, I wasn’t that happy, and obviously I went there to get a better job and to get more money as we say."

He continued: "And I was without my wife, who wasn’t living there because she couldn’t and my family wasn’t there, my mum, my dad, my brothers and sisters, my friends – I can’t tell you how much I missed the normal things just sitting down the pub, the rain hitting the windows.

"The things we moaned about before I went, and how lonely I felt and how sad I felt and that was all because I was chasing the money basically.

"And I can tell you know from first hand that money doesn’t buy happiness. The reason why I like to talk about this is because I feel so passionate about it because there’s something to be said in just having security, having a roof above your head, with your family, with your loved ones.

"So if you’re with your loved ones right now, or your family, hold them close, get a takeaway in tonight, turn the heating on, cuddle up, winter’s coming – oh I love it, you cannot beat it."

Mark quit his stateside job back in January, admitting to The Sun Online that it felt like the "right time" to come back.

He told us: "It just feels like the right time to come back to the UK and live here with my wife and family.

"I’ll always be grateful to the show Extra for the amazing opportunity they gave me."

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