Marnie Simpson shows off growing baby bump in tracksuit bottoms and a crop top – The Sun

MARNIE Simpson showed off her growing baby bump during a day out in London after revealing her weird pregnancy craving.

The glowing Geordie Shore beauty is expecting her first child –  a boy with Casey Johnson –  in three months.

Her bizarre pregnancy craving means she can’t stop chomping on bath sponges.
In an exclusive chat with the Sun Online, she said: "I've been getting these weird cravings.

"So you know like a sponge that you wash yourself with? I've been wanting to chew it."

She added: "We spoke to the midwife and she was like, 'This is quite normal.'"

The urge to eat non-food items with no nutritional value is known as Pica – and is particularly common during pregnancy.

Marnie looked relaxed as she headed out and about in the heat in her comfy clothing.

The 27-year-old made the most of the warm weather wearing a cute pink cropped t-shirt that sat just above her bump.

She looked snug in her joggers that stretched to cover her growing bump.

She wore a pair of flip flops to show off her perfect pedicure as she headed out.


Meanwhile Marnie has been doing all she can to make sure she's every inch the hot mama while she grows her bump.

Talking about fans saying she's a yummy mummy, she said: "I feel like I've got to stay sexy for Casey."

She joked: "It's true. You just feel like a fat slob so I feel like if I dress up I feel a little bit better. Normally I don't usually do my hair and make-up, but because I've been pregnant I've been putting in that extra effort."

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