Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power reveals Xanax addiction as she drank a bottle of wine a DAY after show

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power has revealed how she got addicted to the anxiety medication Xanax after the show.

The 28-year-old opened up about being "really not OK" after breaking up with Dan Webb live on air and was "drinking a bottle of wine a day".

Jessika rose to fame on the E4 show, which was originally aired down under in 2018, for cheating on her husband and swapping marriage partners.

The full time Instagram influencer, who originally wed Mick Gould, had a affair with hunky Dan behind their partners backs.

Receiving plentiful "backlash" and being "slammed online" across the globe, Jessika turned to the anxiety medication to calm her nerve.

"I actually had a Xanax addiction and I was drinking a bottle of wine a day," she opened up to actor Louis Strong on his podcast Headstrong.

"It was after my live breakup with Dan. I had moved my whole entire life somewhere for a man, I was already getting slammed online from the show.

"Then everybody got to watch my live breakup – I was getting all of this, 'You deserved this', as well as the heartbreak."

The star said it was all too much to handle, adding that despite being "really thick skinned" she "really was not OK".

While the show provided counselling services for all the stars, Jessika said she "leant back into her family" to recover from the ordeal.

However, she went on to say that her drinking was encouraged by producers during filming, who would always "have a rum and coke" laid out for her.

"I get a little rowdy and a little bit mouthy on dark spirits and the producers picked up on that halfway through filming," Jessika explained.

"I was the only one allowed to have a rum and coke, and they would have it at my placement at the dinner table when we walked in.

"They just knew the second I'd had a few of those in me and I'm tired and upset, I hate my husband, I'm just going to kick off."

She dubbed herself "young and silly" at the time – but admitted she had learnt from her mistakes and now had "grown up".

"It showed me all of my really bad traits, my poor behavioural traits – I got to see it and see how people react to it," she concluded. "I had to grow up."

Although E4 only started airing Married At First Sight Australia in 2021, the show was actually filmed in 2018.

Needless to say, a lot has happened in Jess' life since then – as she is now dating aspiring rapper Filip Poznanovic.

Jessika has spared no expense when it's come to her transformation since the show – spending a whopping £30,000 on surgery.

Jessika entered the experiment when she married Mick, and Dan was matched with Tamara.

However, the pair did the unspeakable and started an affair behind their partners' backs.

The show's experts allowed them to continue in the experiment as a couple while other halves Mick and Tamara went home.

The affair was not taken lightly by fans, with many threatening to boycott the series after the experts' decision.

Jessika and Dan dated after the show ended for several months, but before 2019 was up, they’d split up.

Jessika Power's episode on the HeadStrong podcast with Louis Strong is available online from February 20.

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