Married At First Sight Australia's Jules horrified after cruel troll tells her 'I hope you have a painful miscarriage'

MARRIED At First Sight star Jules Robinson has insisted she wants to show the "reality of reality TV" as she confessed vile trolls wished her to have a "painful miscarriage" while carrying her first child.

Lovebirds Jules and Cameron Merchant are the major success story of the E4 show, two years after it was filmed.

The pair got engaged at the end of Married At First Sight Australia's season six and married in November 2019.

They then welcomed adorable son Oliver Chase, in September 2020, yet their happy baby news was somewhat marred by disgusting online trolls.

Admitting some online bullies were "very strong" behind the safety of their computer screens, the Figur brand owner told how their insults were the "dark side" to her motherhood journey.

Jules confessed to New Magazine: "At the beginning it was bodyshaming but my worst was someone saying 'I hope you have a painful miscarriage.'"

Jules added: "Luckily when they said that I was having a good day.

"But you don't know what people are going through.

"Two days later I was having a very difficult pregnancy day and if it had happened on that day I wouldn't have been OK."

Cricketer Cam added: "It gets me angry and I'm very protective over Jules.

"I'm always here to support her.

"We've tried to spin it. These people obviously need help and it's a reflection on them.

"You can't hide from these things."

Thankfully Jules endured a relatively smooth pregnancy but did suffer "a few scars, including a haemorrhage."

The hair stylist told the publication: "But the baby was fine and I loved being pregnant.

"I did my sexiest photoshoot when i was pregnant – I felt so strong."

Sharing an Instagram post after their baby was born, Jules said: "#loveatfirstsight I would do it a thousand times again for you Oliver Chase Merchant.

"Our little man has arrived #surprise #itsaboy healthy and beautiful and my heart is full.

"We are home now and enjoying the love bubble and getting to know our lil man Ollie who has the world ahead of him."

The pair's picture-perfect life has now become the source of scrutiny for one of their former co-stars, Jessika, who is convinced they knew each other before the show started filming.

She told Metro: "I have this weird conspiracy theory about Cam and Jules, and everyone thinks I’m weird and insane but I’m sorry…

"There’s no way you’re going to meet a complete stranger, do everything that we did, and completely love that person, every aspect. 

"They never had one fight, they never had one disagreement, they never had anything. My conspiracy theory is that they were together before the show.

"MAFS hadn’t had a successful couple story in a very, very long time. I feel that they needed to have that, so I think what they’ve done is they found a couple that were already together."

Despite Jessika's thoughts about the show being staged, a spokesman for the happy couple insisted: "I can confirm that Cam and Jules had never met before and all contestants genuinely took part in the experiment as strangers."

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