Mary Berry Hates Gordon Ramsay's TV Empire, and He Isn't Too Fond of Her Either

Mary Berry and Gordon Ramsay have a lot in common. They’re both British, they share decades-long experience in the culinary world, and they’ve appeared on numerous reality TV shows as judges and celebrity chefs. But that’s where many of their similarities end.

Despite having much in common, new reports hint the two Brits don’t view each other in the kindest light. In fact, one of them was even asked to be on the other celebrity chef’s TV show and immediately rejected the invitation. 

Mary Berry and Gordon Ramsay have built cooking empires

Chef Mary Berry is best known for starring on The Great British Baking Show, where she was a judge for six seasons. Her career on the show started in 2010, IMDb reports, but her media stardom actually began years earlier. 

According to Mary Berry herself, her first TV series launched in the 1970s. Over the years, she has established a formidable culinary empire, including more than 80 cookbooks, a line of products, and even media appearances and awards from the British royal family.

Chef Gordon Ramsay also has his own media and culinary empire. Britannica reports that after establishing a line of successful restaurants, he launched his TV career, beginning with 2004’s Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. He also has his own line of cookbooks, branded products, and even a video game. 

While both have a long history as judges on various reality TV shows, their personal brands and opinions quickly diverge. For example, while Berry is known for being wholesome and polite, Ramsay has branded himself in the opposite direction. He’s “best known in the early 21st Century for the profanity and fiery temper,” notes Britannica, pointing out Ramsay even named one of his TV shows for his favorite four-letter expletive.

And their approaches to swearing aren’t the only things separating the two British chefs.  

Mary Berry doesn’t like Gordon Ramsay’s crudeness

A few years ago, The Guardian asked Berry what she thought about her fellow chef’s TV shows. She immediately made it clear she didn’t view his persona or his media empire in a kind light.

“I hate Gordon Ramsay’s programs,” she said, lumping him in with an overall media landscape she described as “violent, cruel, and noisy.” Berry immediately contrasted Ramsay’s media appearances with her own show, The Great British Bake Off, which she called “family entertainment” safe for the whole family to enjoy.

It turns out Ramsay has his own opinions about Berry.

Ramsay rejected a chance to be on Berry’s TV show

Berry recently retired from The Great British Bake Off. Prue Leith, another British culinary expert, replaced her on the show. After the news broke, the media learned that Ramsay was actually considered as Berry’s replacement.

And Ramsay didn’t like the idea at all, considering the show Berry’s “sloppy seconds.” He even referenced her physical appearance, with the Huffington Post quoting him as saying, “They did ask me for Bake Off anyway … I don’t want to be the male version of Mary Berry. I’m 30 years younger and more wrinkly than her anyway.”

There’s no news on whether the two chefs have patched things up since their public spat. However, some critics didn’t take kindly to the feud. “Chef Ramsay may be a foul-mouthed egomaniac … but he certainly doesn’t deserve Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry’s hatred,” reported The Independent, saying that unlike Berry’s wholesome show, at least Ramsay went out in the “real world” to help people.

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