Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'threw all-night parties' before royal baby, neighbour claims

WILLIAM and Kate might have breathed a sigh of relief when Harry and Meghan moved out of Kensington Palace after a feud emerged between the two couples.

But not all their neighbours are pleased about the Sussex’s decision to move to Windsor, including French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet, who took up the job last year.

His nearby residence’s back yard on Kensington Palace Gardens looks right into the front of Nottingham cottage, Harry and Meghan's old abode.

During a party last week, he said: “It is so quiet here now that Harry and Meghan have left.

“They used to have fireworks, soirees that would go all night, friends and family coming and going.

“Now all we see and hear is the helicopters landing. It's boring now.”

However, his ex-neighbours didn’t follow his wishes when it came to their son’s name.

“They should call her a French name, perhaps Chantelle,” he argued. Wrong sex for a start it turned out.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to Frogmore Cottage earlier this year after it was gifted to them by the Queen.

The 10-bedroom home sits on 35 acres of lush land and is due to have a multi-million pound refit – paid for by the taxpayer – to transform it back into a luxurious family home complete with a new nursery, gym and yoga studio.

It had previously been chopped up into five units where palace staff have been living.

Grade II-listed Frogmore House, formerly known as Double Garden Cottage, had been a popular royal hideaway for more than 300 years.

It was used by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family as a retreat for private and official royal engagements before Harry and Meghan made it their home.


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