Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel fans fume as show starts late in schedule shake-up

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel started 30 minutest late tonight, leaving fans fuming as they wondered why it didn't start on time.

The BBC programme usually broadcasts at 8.30pm on a Saturday, but Casualty was on until 9pm leaving fans baffled.

Michael McIntyre's show was pushed back to 9pm after the football went to extra time.

When they realised they had to wait another 30 minutes for their favourite show to begin, fans went into meltdown on Twitter.

One said: "You're really going to make me wait another half an hour for my next fix of The Wheel, BBC?"

While another wrote: "What's going on BBC, The Wheel's late".

A third added: "Erm. It is 8:30pm – why is The Wheel not on my TV screen?!?!?"

"The mass panic because the football overran and #TheWheel is on 30 mins late", penned another with a laughing emoji.

After a hugely entertaining episode, it was a player named Junaid who made it to the final round.

He selected fashion model Daisy Lowe to help him answer the final questioned for a staggering £59,000.

The question on modern art was: "Damien Hirst's 'Mother and Child (Divided)' displays what type of animal, preserved in formaldehyde?"

Daisy and Junaid both came to the conclusion that the answer was a cow.

They were correct, and Judaid won the staggering £59k.

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