Michelle Heaton breaks down after reading heartbreaking letter husband wrote her during rehab

This morning on Loose Women, singer Michelle Heaton broke down after reading out parts of a letter her husband wrote to her whilst she was in rehab.

The star has been sober for 13 months, and appeared on Loose Women to speak about her difficult journey both before and after going into rehab.

Michelle struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction and admitted that she was given just days to live after her battle with the disease got so bad. After finally getting the help that she needed after a stint in rehab at The Priory, Michelle was given a letter written by her husband at the time.

With husband Hugh's permission, Michelle read part of the emotional letter on the show, tearing up as she did so.

It read: "Watching you spiral like this has been very hard to deal with. I couldn’t talk to my best friend. I have been left embarrassed by you, but that was never you.

"I have also tried to help the kids forget your behaviour. It has turned you into a liar…," he added.

"Your addictive behaviour has hurt me a lot 'Chelle, and you’ve become someone who’s very untrustworthy. Your behaviour has robbed me of my wife and the kids of their mummy."

An emotional Michelle, with tears in her eyes, then went on to speak about how different she is now. "I don’t recognise that person. I am a strong person. I can say no to things," she said.

"Drinking was so exhausting. It occupied every waking moment. I’ve got a really happy sense of being now – and I just didn’t.

"I had no regards to what was happening to my family. It’s shameful to say that sometimes they were in my way."

She added: "When the kids really needed a cuddle, I just wasn’t there for them… It wasn’t until I got sober, clean, that I could recognise how I was behaving. Then the guilt comes in.

"I wasn’t present for anybody – I wasn’t present for myself. I didn’t give them what they needed, which was nurturing… no nurturing at all."

Michelle, who is mum to daughter Faith, 10, and son AJ, seven, continued: "When I came out and I started to navigate who I was again, so were the kids… They had to navigate who I was again.

"Kids are very forgiving, they didn’t acknowledge how much I was in pain… however, they were navigating my reactions."

Earlier in the show Michelle admitted that she did not go a day without alcohol for three years before she checked into rehab in April 2021.

She spent years binging on wine, vodka and brandy following her hysterectomy and mastectomy in 2014, due to her being a BRCA2 gene carrier meaning she would have a high risk of developing cancer.

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