Money Heist season 5 theories: The Professor makes huge sacrifice in tragic series finale

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Worldwide phenomenon Money Heist has already subjected its fans to some devastating moments over the last four seasons. When Netflix’s smash hit Spanish series comes to its epic conclusion next year, subscribers may have to endure more emotional turmoil after viewers suggested another tragic theory.

Criminal mastermind the Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) may have to sacrifice himself to save his team at the end of the fifth and final instalment of Money Heist. 

The meticulous genius in charge of an outfit of experienced yet reckless criminals has frequently put the team in harm’s way thanks to some unforeseen obstacles.

While his plans eventually turn out to be a success, the time may have finally come for the Professor to make the final sacrifice to ensure the safety of his team as the Bank of Spain heist hurtles towards its last gasp.

The theory was proposed over on Reddit by one fan who was convinced the unpredictable thriller would end with a shocking jolt to the system.

User SamLFC89 posted: “I can just imagine the last scenes being Palermo saying ‘it was an honour’ to the Professor.

“Then everyone sings Bella Ciao as the Professor dies and the gang walk out the bank shooting and they all die. Sorry but this would be a great end.”

It’s definitely an easy call to suggest the series will end with a stirring edition of Bella Ciao, an Italian folk song that’s become a surprise hit after being prominently featured throughout the series.

Their theory takes a dark turn, however, by suggesting not only will the Professor succumb to some kind of wound, but the whole team goes out guns-blazing rather than succeed in their mission.

Although it would be depressing to see our favourite characters bite the dust, this theory takes a cue from classic crime caper Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which ends with the two bandits meeting an ambiguous end during a shootout.

Moreover, the series has already set a precedent for killing off characters with a dramatic sacrifice.

Unhinged team leader Berlin (Pedro Alonso) elected himself as bait and was shot to death by police near the end of the gang’s first heist in the Royal Mint. 

In contrast to what would be a devastating finale to the series, Money Heist made up for this particularly horrific death by bringing Berlin back via some revealing flashback scenes.

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While the fan theory would certainly be a fitting end to the robbers’ heroic journey, other viewers took issue with the idea of such a depressing conclusion. 

One viewer replied: “No. It wouldn’t. They entered to save Rio and then they all die? 

“That would be epic, but a bad ending. I really want a happy ending.”

Though the original poster then hit back: “Not everything can end well”.

“It would just finish off the series on a big impact and in my opinion it would be great and interesting.”

The Professor’s life is already hanging in the balance after his hideout was infiltrated by former inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). 

With Money Heist coming to an end next year, whatever twists and turns eventually unfold the series is expected to pull out all the stops and deliver an exhilarating finale.

Money Heist season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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