My Hero Academia manga’s ending pushed out past 2020? Boku no Hero Academia Heroes Rising movie uses story idea from Kohei Horikoshi’s original finale plans

Is the My Hero Academia manga ending any time soon? That question is on the minds of fans since we’re up to the fourth season of the anime adaptation. Recently, comments by the series creator about the upcoming My Hero Hero Academia the Movie -Heroes Rising- seems to indicate the manga’s ending may have been pushed out further in time.

Boku no Hero Academia manga creator Kohei Horikoshi has promised fans that the entire manga series will last for years to come, claiming in 2016 that he released only about 20 percent of the planned plot thus far. By late 2017, Horikoshi mapped out ideas for the final fight but stopped short of naming which heroes and villains will battle in the last story arc of the series.

Horikoshi did not reveal how many story arcs he has planned. In mid-2018, he said that “the current arc [the hero internship arc featured in My Hero Academia S4] that is going on all has [a] purpose that will be relevant in the last arc.”

Horikoshi also mentioned that the Internship story arc had a very important character that he wanted to draw for the ending. In the end, he wants all the MHA characters “to come together and go forward into the last arc.”

And it turns that the Heroes Rising movie is using concepts that he initially conceived back in 2017/2018 for the final battle. Caleb Cook (manga translator for Viz Media) released a statement by Horikoshi that discussed these plans.

“In a certain sense, one could say that this movie will be finale-ish for MHA. Let me clarify: the movie is going to feature one element that I wanted to use in the final battle of the manga. If you’re thinking, ‘If that’s true, then what’s gonna happen with the manga?!’ please rest assured. I’m worried too. The first movie showcased All Might and Deku fighting side-by-side as master and pupil (which is just about the most ultimately awesome thing I could think of), and now this movie somehow has to top that battle. Which puts me in a tough spot. I can’t imagine anything is going to top this one, so there won’t be a third movie. Probably. In short, movie #2 is going to blow the last one out of the water in a PLUS ULTRA way, so look forward to it!”

Cook also clarified that Horikoshi is “not saying movie #2 is literally the final episode/chapter/instance of the series.” What was never specified is what story changes mean for the My Hero Academia manga’s ending.

Warning: The following two paragraphs contain spoilers for the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie.

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