Nadine Coyle brutally mocks Jimmy Carr's face as he mimes to Girls Aloud on I Can See Your Voice

GIRLS Aloud star Nadine Coyle has brutally mocked Jimmy Carr's face as he mimed to a song on I Can See Your Voice.

Taking part in the second Lip Sync round of the new hit BBC One show, Jimmy was filmed singing along to Girls Aloud hit Something Kinda Ooooh.

"I don't want to make a big deal, I think I'm in a band," comedian Jimmy joked to the audience after he pretended to sing a line from the 2006 song.

Attentions then turned to girl band star Nadine, 35, who was questioned by host Paddy McGuinness about the technicalities of lip syncing.

"It's quite difficult to lip sync," the TV presenter began. "Do you actually have to sort or sing it quietly as you're lip syncing or is it all…"

He pulled a series of faces as he pretended to sing along to a song, to which Nadine laughed and hit back against Jimmy.

"No, because then you start doing stupid stuff with your face like what Jimmy done," she said, pulling a series of faces of her own. "You're better to just sing it."

She moved her eyebrows around and squinted her eyes as she tried to mimic the stars awful attempt.

"How did you see me pull that face?" Jimmy then joked as the panel erupted into laughter. "Are there cameras in my dressing room?"

It comes days after Amanda Holden was brutally mocked by Jimmy and Paddy for "name dropping" a famous pal on the show.

Amanda, 50, told audiences that Andrew Lloyd Webber had offered her up some advice to spot a good singer from far off.

The singer referred to her close pal Andrew before host Paddy, 47, began the chain of brutal mockery.

"Andrew Lloyd Webber once said to me," she told the panel, as Paddy immediately shook his head and rolled his eyes, saying: "Oh, here we go."

Comedian Jimmy, 48, then took his opportunity to join in, joking: "Hang on, there's a name – there's a name that's been dropped so let's find it."

I Can See Your Voice premiered on BBC One last week, and has already been heralded as the BBC's response to ITV's The Masked Singer.

The show sees the number of mystery singers whittled down one by one until the final singer has to do a duet with a guest musical celebrity to find out if they can really sing.

Contestants win a cash prize if they succeed, but if if a bad singer evades detection, then they end up stealing the money for themselves.

The one rule the show follows is that only the bad singers can lie about their musical talent, the good singers are forced to remain truthful.

Each episode boasts four rounds, the opening round is called First Impressions where we meet the six mystery singers for the first time.

Round Two is called Lip Sync, where the remaining contestants take to the stage to mime a song – the good singers miming to their own voice, and the bad singers to someone else.

The final round is the "Interrogation", and gives guessers 30 seconds to interrogate the final singers using a list of 15 questions.

Top Gear host Paddy takes centre stage, with Amanda, Jimmy and Alison returning as regular panellists.

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