Natalie Imbruglia appearance leaves Lorraine viewers distracted: ‘Barely looks like her’

Lorraine: Natalie Imbruglia on her return to music

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On Friday’s Lorraine, ITV host Lorraine Kelly was back on the sofa where she spoke with a number of guests including Torn singer Natalie Imbruglia and comedian Jo Brand. However, when the host sat down to chat with Natalie about her new album and why she decided to take a break from music, viewers quickly became distracted by the singer’s appearance.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the 46-year-old’s appearance, Cam wrote: “She was so beautiful naturally #Lorraine.”

Lady Majorie commented: “It barely looks like her…”

While Lauren simply praised: “Natalie Imbruglia is fire.”

Darren exclaimed: “#Natalieimbruglia looks totally stunning on Lorraine. She hasn’t aged a bit!”

Fans were also thrilled to see Natalie back on their screens and producing music again.

Joe said: “Yaaay, Natalie Imbruglia has started releasing music again. What a relief!”

Lara tweeted: “Thank you #Lorraine for reminding me what a banger @natimbruglia Big Mistake is.”

Praising her music, John penned: “Loved Big Mistake.”


Lorraine began the interview by asking Natalie why she decided to take a break from music.

“I actually quit music,” Natalie admitted. “I lost my confidence.

“I got dropped from a record label and so I thought, ‘the universe is telling me not to be doing this’.”

Clearly taken aback, Lorraine asked: “What did you do?”

She replied: “I actually went to Australia. I was a judge on The X Factor as a judge.

“I went to L.A. I studied acting there for a couple of years and I found my way back to it.

“It’s funny as when I got back to it, it was a whole new zest for it.

“So, I’ve had a great time, I had about five years of writer’s block.”



Despite her writer’s block, Natalie went on to explain that since then the music has flown.

“That must have been the scariest thing,” Lorraine said. “Writer’s block.

“A musician, an artist, whatever it may be. It is very difficult for those who haven’t been through it.

“It’s like you couldn’t physically do it anymore.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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