"NCIS": Fans Aren’t Feeling Diona Reasonover’s Kasie Hines in This Episode

“NCIS”season 17, episode six, titled “Institutionalized,” fell flat for a lot ofviewers. In a Reddit discussion, fans said they had a tough time getting intothis episode, saying Kasie wasn’t compelling as the lead character. Althoughproducers wanted to put the spotlight on a character we don’t see featuredoften, it wasn’t a satisfying experience for some fans. Here’s what viewers hadto say on Reddit.

Fans said Kasie should be left in the background

Although season 17, episode six was meant to be emotional, some fans were disappointed with Reasonover’s performance. They said they didn’t like her character at the center of most of the scenes. “I usually fast forward through all of Kasie’s scenes, and I am not feeling this at all. I guess they are trying to give us “character development” on a character I don’t care for. She was OK working for Ducky, but not taking over a major role IMHO,” said one fan.

Viewers thought Kasie’s episode was ‘bland’ and ‘predictable’

Others felt Kasie’s episode was quite bland compared to the last couple of seasons. Another complaint was that the episode was predictable. One fan said he even knew Bishop would call Kasie and save the day. “Yeah, this was as bland an episode of “NCIS” as we have gotten in at least 2-3 seasons. There was just nothing there. It was completely predictable, down to being able to say, ‘And now is when Bishop finds the phone call that saves the day,’ a couple of minutes before she found it.”

Fans say they want Abby back on “NCIS”

For some fans, Kasie’s episode just made them miss Abby (PauleyPerrette) even more. Perrette has been gone since 2018, but she is still afavorite among longtime viewers. Quite a few Redditors said they wished Abbywould return to the show. However, Perrette has made it very clear she has noplans to return. Fans say Kasie is just another quirky character and that the “NCIS”producers should have used Abby’s departure as an opportunity to introduce apersonality that viewers don’t usually see. “I feel like they went wrong makingher the prototypical dorky brainy character that every show has to have. Theycould’ve used Abby leaving to give us something completely new but instead justgave us a more quirky Abby,” said a fan. “I miss Abby,” added another fan.

Others say this was the worst “NCIS” season 17 episode so far

Another fan said “NCIS” season 17, episode six is likely theworst episode so far. Others agreed, saying it would have been better if thisepisode was aired during a different week. This fan is happy Kasie’s moment inthe spotlight is over (at least for now). “I suppose there had to be a Kasie-centeredepisode at some point. I’m glad it’s over with. It was a rather bland episode.They should have saved it for right before a week when they weren’t airing anepisode or something.”

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