Never Have I Ever season 2 release time: When will season 2 episodes drop on Netflix?

Never Have I Ever season two trailer from Netflix

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Never Have I Ever is a popular comedy-drama series on Netflix and it made its debut back in April 2020. The series was created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, and it is partly inspired by Kaling’s childhood. has all you need to know about when season two will air and how many episodes there are. 

When is Never Have I Ever season 2 out?

The series first arrived in April 2020 and it followed Indian-American high school student Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). 

The teenager is determined to make a better life for herself following the death of her father, and the series has been praised for challenging stereotypes. 

Season one received positive reviews and in July 2020, the show was renewed for a second outing. 

Fans will be pleased to hear season two is just around the corner, and it is due to air on Netflix on July 15. 

Much like season one, the second season will include 10 episodes and they should all drop at the same time. 

Fans in the US will be able to binge the episodes from midnight, as is the norm for the streaming service. 

Whereas those watching in the UK will most likely have to wait until 8am for the new episodes to drop. 

The series makes for easy watching as each episode has a run time of about half an hour. 

This means fans can easily binge the whole new season in a day, if they are keen to find out what happens. 

There may be others who wish to savour the moment and will enjoy the new season over the weekend. 

All of the episodes are given unique titles, and the season premiere is called ‘…Been a playa’. A trailer for the new season has also been released. 

In the trailer, Devi is seen weighing up the pros and cons of love interests Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) and Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet). 

At the end of the first season, she moved in with Ben so she would not have to go back to India and she realised he had a sweet side. 

However, Paxton was also keen to let Devi know how he felt about her, and she found herself in the middle of a love triangle. 

Her friends advise her to choose Paxton, saying he is the one she should be dreaming about being with when she is older. 

Devi is then heard saying: “This is my last chance for an American high school boyfriend.

“That’s why I have to figure out my boy situation, stat.” Her friends then joke about dating two guys at the same time, and Devi seems to take the comment literally. 

Devi then faces an added dilemma when a new Indian student who is “prettier and cooler” than her joins the school. 

The official synopsis for season two says: “One nerd. Two boyfriends. It’s about to get messy. Never Have I Ever returns for season two, July 15 on Netflix.”

Fans took to the trailer comments to express their excitement, with one saying: “I think she’s either going to end up with Ben, or just alone. 

“Literally can we talk about everything Ben did for her last season? Literally let her live at his house, and convince her friends to come talk her out of a decision she’d regret for the rest of her life. And what did Paxton do? Make her come to his sister’s photoshoot.” [Sic] 

Another said: “The fact that she can’t decide after paxton treated her like trash and Ben was there for her means she’ll end up alone… not is ben smart, RICH, and caring but they actually have a history!

“Paxton is hot but lacks everything else I mean just look at his friend group and priorities…” [Sic] 

With this in mind, fans are hoping Devi chooses Ben as her high school boyfriend, but she is running out of time. 

Never Have I Ever season 2 airs on July 15 on Netflix. 

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