Nick Ferrari slams President Biden over Afghanistan evacuation: ‘Not fit for office!’

Joe Biden: Ferrari questions whether President is 'fit for office'

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Ferrari, 62, joined the panel on Friday’s edition of This Morning to discuss the day’s headlines, which focussed heavily on the developments in Afghanistan. With two terrorist attacks taking place at Kabul airport on Thursday, President Biden, 78, condemned the actions of ISIS-K and reiterated American personal would be removed from the country by August 31, 2021, as his predecessor Donald Trump, 75, had agreed with the Taliban last year. However, with the humanitarian crisis escalating tenfold, the LBC radio presenter explained to viewers of the ITV show he had “real concerns whether [Biden] is fit for office”.

With a number of American military personnel killed in Thursday’s terrorist attack, the President made an emotional statement from the White House.

Claiming the US would “hunt down” those responsible for the bombings, the Commander-in-Chief said he couldn’t back out of the “bad and binding” deal Donald Trump had made.

Many have been outraged about Biden’s approach to the evacuation efforts as they have stated it has been in the final hour plans have been put in place, rather than starting the process many months ago.

Addressing Thursday’s statement and the public backlash, Ferrari said: “I was distinctly unimpressed with the President’s press conference.

“I happened to be in a car so I heard every second of it go out and there is an expression American military use when they point to the colours on the Stars and Stripes and say, ‘These colours don’t run’.”

“The men and women don’t run, it’s their senior officers saying, ‘Let’s cut and run’ because it comes from the Commander-in-Chief,” the radio presenter added.

“It seems not being Donald Trump is now enough to make you President. That is effectively how Biden got the job.

“I have serious concerns if he’s fit for office,” Ferrari explained of his thoughts on the President’s leadership.

Gyles Brandreth, 73, was also on the panel and voiced his views on the matter, stating: “Biden won because he wasn’t Trump.

Serious concerns if he’s fit for office

Nick Ferrari

“As soon as Trump did his deal with the Taliban, an orderly evacuation should have started then,” he continued.

The television personality also added the President was now “over a barrel” with the Taliban, explaining he can help but feel “compounded the feeling that he is the man who got it wrong”.

He told viewers: “He’s the Commander-in-Chief but not in command,” a statement Ferrari strongly agreed with.

As the debate continued, Ferrari also spoke of the Vice President, Kamala Harris’, 56, absence from the discussion.

With the second in command taking an official trip to Vietnam, she seemingly hasn’t been present in the negations about what to do over the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

Ferrari stated how he had seen pictures from the President sitting with his team to talk about the matter on video screens, but Harris didn’t seem to feature in the images.

“She seems to be seeking to distance herself,” the radio presenter explained, saying the “derelict of duty” was “right at the top of the White House”.

It was announced on Friday morning, UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace, 51, confirmed there were just hours left for Britain’s evacuation to conclude.

The Baron Hotel, where people were being called forward to secure a place on a flight, has now been closed, meaning no one else will be able to seek refuge in the UK.

The Defence Minister said “the sad fact is not every single one will get out,” he said, adding: “The narrative is always going to be, as we leave, certain groups such as ISIS will want to stake a claim that they have driven out the US or the UK.

“The West seems to think it flies in, does a few things and everything will be alright. You don’t fix problems like Afghanistan.”

“A thousand years of tribal fighting, war. You manage them and if you wish to engage in national building or supporting a nation, you’re probably best doing it as an international body,” Wallace told Sky News.

“And you need to be prepared to be there for the long run,” the Defence Minister explained.

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