October streaming: Breaking Bad Movie, Catherine The Great, Aisling Bea in Living with Yourself, John Carney's Modern Love

As the evenings begin closing in this October the lure of losing yourself in the black hole that is streaming is greater than ever, but thankfully this month you may well find yourself actually watching what’s on offer rather than idly scrolling through screen after screen of content.

Among the highlights are the great Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great (Sky Atlantic/NOW TV), the wonderful Meryl Streep in Steven Soderbergh’s The Laundromat, and our own Aisling Bea starring opposite Paul Rudd in new Netflix series Living With Yourself.  Amazon Prime Video, meanwhile, sees the return of Billy Bob Thornton for the third series of Goliath, and Modern Love, which is written, directed and produced by the man behind Once, John Carney.

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Documentary offerings are also strong this month.  Sky has launched a new channel dedicated to crime, aptly titled Sky Crime, which is also available via NOW TV.  I Love You Now Die, tells the story of Michelle Carter, the teenager placed on trial for coercing her boyfriend to kill himself via a series of disturbing text messages.

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, executive produces Living Undocumented for Netflix, which follows eight undocumented immigrant families in the US.

Here are some of the streaming highlights for October…

October 2

Living Undocumented, Netflix


Eight undocumented immigrant families volunteered to tell their stories at great personal risk, revealing the high cost many must pay to try and live the American dream.


October 3

Catherine the Great, Sky Atlantic/NOW TV


Dame Helen Mirren plays Russia’s longest ruling female empress in the turbulent final years of her life. Jason Clarke also stars in this story of obsessive love and political manoeuvring.  Should keep you ticking over until The Crown lands on Netflix in November…


October 4

Widows, Sky/NOW TV*


The widows of a criminal gang set out to finish what their partners started in this Steve McQueen thriller starring Viola Davis, who won a BAFTA nomination for her role as Veronica, and Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya.


Goliath (season 3), Amazon Prime Video


This season, the unexpected death of an old friend leads Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) to take a case in the Central Valley where he comes face-to-face with a new Goliath: a billionaire rancher (Dennis Quaid) and his sister (Amy Brenneman). As Billy and his team pursue the truth, old enemies and personal demons resurface.


Big Mouth (season 3), Netflix

The focus is on puberty and issues like mobile phone addiction, female anger, the spectrum of sexuality, Adderall abuse, dick pics, and toxic masculinity.  Award winning animation starring Thandie Newton as Missy’s new Hormone Monstress and Ali Wong plays a new student who makes everyone question their sexuality.


Rotten: Season 2, Netflix

Documentary exploring the secrets behind sugar and chocolate, the true cost of avocados and bottled water, and the changing world of wine and marijuana edibles.


In the Tall Grass, Netflix

Netflix film – After hearing a young boy’s cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out…and that something evil lurks within.


October 9

Rhythm + Flow, Netflix


Move over X Factor or X Factor: Celebrity or whatever it’s called now.  Netflix is launching a new music competition series to find the next breakout hip hop star and boasts Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and TI among its judges.  To maintain the suspense (presumably), new episodes will land every Wednesday with different phases of the competition featuring across ten episodes.


October 11

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix


Netflix are calling it a ‘television event’ and expectations are certainly high for this film returning to the world previously inhabited by Walter White.  This time, however, the focus is squarely on his side-kick of sorts, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who, in the wake of his dramatic escape from captiity, must come to terms with his past. 


Fractured, Netflix

Netflix film – After his wife and injured daughter disappear from an ER, a man conducts a panicked search and becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something.


The Forest of Love, Netflix

Netflix film – Auteur Sion Sono helms the fictionalized retelling of how one charismatic leader led his followers down a bizarre, gruesome, deadly and depraved path.


October 16

Ghosts of Sugar Land, Netflix


This documentary, which won the Jury Award at Sundance, charts the story of a group of suburban Muslim friends ho wtrace the disappearance of their friend ‘Mark’ who is suspected of joining ISIS.


October 18

The Laundromat, Netflix


Meryl Streep stars as Ellen Martin, a woman prompted to investigate a fake insurance policy after her idyllic holiday takes an unthinkable turn.  Her probing only leads down a rabbit hole of dodgy dealings linked to a Panama City law firm.  The charming founding partners Jürgen Mossack (Gary Oldman) and Ramón Fonseca (Antonio Banderas) are experts in the seductive ways shell companies and offshore accounts help the rich and powerful prosper. Steven Soderberg directs the film based on ‘Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite’ by Jake Bernstein.

An impressive cast also includes Jeffrey Wright Melissa Rauch, Jeff Michalski, Jane Morris, Robert Patrick, David Schwimmer, Cristela Alonzo, Larry Clarke, Will Forte, Chris Parnell, Nonso Anozie, Larry Wilmore, Jessica Allain, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Matthias Schoenaerts, Rosalind Chao, Kunjue Li, Ming Lo, with James Cromwell and Sharon Stone.


Modern Love, Amazon Prime Video


Inspired by the popular New York Times column of the same name, this romcom series explores love with eight half-hour standalone episodes based on some of the column’s most interesting stories. Among the cast are Andy Garcia, Andrew Scott, John Slattery, Julia Garner, Dev Patel, and Anne Hathaway.

John Carney (of Once and Sing Street fame) is writer, director and executive producer and some of the episodes were directed by Sharon Horgan (who also wrote her episode), Tom Hall (who also penned his) and Emmy Rossum (whose episode was written by the late Audrey Wells).


Living With Yourself, Netflix


Miles is a man who is fed up with life. When he undergoes a spa treatment promising to make him a better version of himself, however, he finds he has been replaced by said better version.  Paul Rudd plays both versions while Irish actress and This Way Up writer and star Aisling Bea plays his wife, for whom he must now compete – against himself.


Goosebumps 2, Sky/NOW TV*

A group of youngsters unwittingly unleash all manner of monsters from the pages of RL Stine’s best-selling books. Creepy comedy sequel with Ken Jeong and Jack Black arrives just in time for Halloween.


Eli, Netflix

Film about a young boy plagued with an unknown, debilitating illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the outside world. After exhausting every option, his parents put their trust – and his life – in the hands of a doctor whose experimental, cutting edge treatments may hold Eli’s last hope.


October 21

Watchmen, Sky/NOW TV


Regina King and Jeremy Irons star in Zack Snyder’s dark take on the acclaimed graphic novels by Alan Moore. Watchmen is set in a world that remains in the shadow of widescale tragedy. Masked vigilantes, previously allowed to roam free, have been forced into an early retirement by an oppressive government regime. Some want to keep the streets safe, others want the truth, but all are reunited by the murder of an old friend.


October 25

The Kominsky Method: Season 2, Netflix

Michael Douglas returns as aging actor/acting coach Sandy Kominsky with Alan Arkin as his longtime agent Norman Newlander.  This season, Sandy meets and bonds with his daughter’s new boyfriend (guest star Paul Reiser) who is uncomfortably close to Sandy’s age. Meanwhile, Norman reconnects with an old flame from his youth (guest star Jane Seymour) and after fifty years, they decide to start again. Nancy Travis and Sarah Baker co-star. 


Halloween (2018), Sky/NOW TV*


It’s that time of year again – this sequel to John Carpenter’s horror classic sees Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode and preparing to face off against masked killer Michael Myers as he returns on Halloween night.


Brigada Costa del Sol, Netflix

This series explores the history of drug traffic in Spain and focuses on the first law enforcement organization created to fight it in the mid 1970s.


Monzon, Netflix

This series explores the criminal investigations of Argentine boxing champion Carlos Monzón, who in 1989 was found guilty of the violent murder of his wife Alicia Muñiz.


Prank Encounters, Netflix

Possibly one for the juveniles of the household – Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things fame hosts this hidden camera show which lands real people in their own horror movie.


Dolemite Is My Name, Netflix


Eddie Murphy portrays real-life legend Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer who proved naysayers wrong when his hilarious, obscene, kung-fu fighting alter ego, Dolemite, and became a 1970s Blaxploitation phenomenon.


Rattlesnake, Netflix

When a single mother accepts the help of a mysterious woman after her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake, she finds herself making an unthinkable deal with the devil to repay the stranger.


October 30

Pose: Season 2, Netflix


Where the first season of Ryan Murphy’s FX series explored the New York City ball culture of the 1980s, the second moves into the 90s and addresses the impact of the AIDS epidemic on the community.


November 1

The King, Netflix


Timothée Chalamet stars as Hal, wayward prince and reluctant heir to the English throne, who has turned his back on royal life and is living among the people. But when his tyrannical father dies, Hal is crowned King Henry V and is forced to embrace the life he had previously tried to escape. Joel Edgerton, Sean Harris, Lily-Rose Depp and Robert Pattinson and Ben Mendelsohn also star.


Also coming in October

I Love You, Now Die, Sky Crime/NOW TV


In this eye-opening new documentary brought via Sky Crime, I Love You Now Die gives you unprecedented access into a suicide case that sparked sensational headlines and captured a nation. This is the story of Michelle Carter, the teenager placed on trial for coercing her boyfriend to kill himself via a series of disturbing text messages. The case is brought to light in a way that’s sure to get crime fans pulses racing.


Boy Erased, Sky/NOW TV


After revealing he is gay, Jared (Lucas Hedges) is sent to “conversion therapy” in this award-winning drama based on true events with Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Troye Sivan.


In a Man’s World, Sky/NOW TV

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon team up for this social experiment series which will document the journeys of four women (from a professional pool player to a pastor) who morph into men with the help of Academy Award-winning makeup artists and voice and movement coaches.


The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, Sky/NOW TV

The story of a 28-year-old woman in Utah, who abruptly vanished from her home in 2009. A seemingly cut-and-dry investigation incriminating her husband, Josh Powell, was made more complicated when he took the life of his two sons and his own. Using rare interviews with family members, this documentary uncovers new developments and never-before-seen videos.

*Some air dates are subject to change

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