Ozark season 4: Ruth Langmore to end up on top as star drops exclusive hint? ‘Earned it’

Ozark: Netflix releases teaser for fourth season

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Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner) has experienced more than her fair share of hardships and heartbreak over the three seasons of Ozark so far. And the fourth and final season of the Netflix drama promises to throw the biggest challenges her way yet after cutting ties with Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) and joining up with Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) to try and take the husband and wife down – along with the Navarro Cartel. Express.co.uk spoke to Russ Langmore star Marc Menchaca to see where he thinks Ruth will end up – and he has high hopes.

Ruth and Russ’ uncle and niece relationship was far from conventional when the pair were introduced in the very first season of Ozark. 

After a series of their own respective growth and heartbreak, Ruth ended up killing her own uncle in the ultimate sacrifice to prove her loyalty to Marty and spare the rest of the Langmore clan after Russ had vowed to kill the money launderer.

Ruth has gone on to become an integral part of Marty and the cartel’s laundering operation in the Ozark’s as a result while Russ made a handful of cameos in season two to help guide his son Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) via hallucinations.

And while Ruth was the one responsible for his gruesome and grizzly exit, Russ actor Menchaca admitted he hopes she’ll be the one to trump the Byrdes and cartel’s murderous reign.

When asked if he’d like to see Ruth end the series as top dog, Menchaca replied: “Yeah. I think she’s earned it.

“So I hope she does, I don’t know,” Menchaca added before revealing he’s told his former cast and crewmates to keep any solid spoilers out of earshot.

“I told them I didn’t want to see any scripts. Like they are kind of like family and I’ve kept in good touch with them,” he continued.

“You know, I read some of season three and I just said I didn’t want to hear what happened in season four so I told everybody to stay quiet.”

Ruth may have been the unlikely culprit to kill Russ and pave the way for Menchaca’s exit from the show, but it’s a storyline the actor admitted had to be done.

Recalling the moment he found out about his character’s demise, Menchaca said: “I was going to get a coffee or something, I was at work. And I got a call from the showrunner [Chris Mundy] and he said, ‘I was having a glass of wine playing the guitar last night, and I realised that and told you everything’. 

“And I like stopped and I was like, ‘Hold on, let me go back to my trailer’ because I knew something was coming up. 

“And he told me that, you know, they had tried to work around it but in the end, that just kind of had to happen. 

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“And it did,” the Ozark star admitted. “That sets Ruth up for her whole journey.”

However, understanding the reasoning still didn’t help stop the emotions from boiling over.

“I bawled, I like cried a lot,” the actor added. “Not only because I loved it so much, but I also thought it was just such a heartbreaking turn in the story.

“It was tough. It was a tough one to wrap my head around.”

Menchaca may not have popped up in the third season of Ozark but fans can catch him in the new thriller #Like.

Appearing alongside Sarah Rich, #Like tells a harrowing story of one sister’s desperate quest for revenge against an anonymous online stalker who caused her sibling to take her own life.

Menchaca said of the movie and why he took on the role: “There was a vulnerability to it that really struck a chord with me.

“I was really just drawn to the relationship between my character and Sarah’s just because it almost seemed like a movie within itself, like a film within the film.”

Ozark season 4 premieres on Netflix on January 21, 2022. 
#Like is available to rent and buy on digital download from November 1, 2021.

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