Peter Andre shocks fans as he shows off huge new neck tattoo – but all is not as it seems

PETER Andre shocked fans as he showed off a huge new neck tattoo – but all was not as it seemed.

Pete, 44, told his followers he was "getting ready for something special" as he posed in a white shirt for a selfie on Instagram.

The Mysterious Girl singer left a few buttons on his shirt undone, exposing his neck and a large inking.

Fans immediately spotted the new feature on Pete's body, with one writing: "What’s on your neck"

Another said: "Is that a new tattoo on your neck? Looking very dapper Pete"

However, sources confirmed the tattoo is fake and is part of Peter's new look for an exciting Hollywood project.

The insider told The Sun Online: "He is currently filming for a new movie and that is part of his character it’s not real"

Earlier this year the father-of-four admitted in his new! column that he is "trying to adapt" with the times and branch out in his career.

He shared: "I'm trying to adapt in terms of performing and moving with the times.

"I've finally been granted an American working visa, which means as soon as the travel restrictions is relaxed I can start going for auditions in the States again."

In 2018, fans were left stunned when Peter transformed himself into a heroin addict for his Hollywood role.

The Mysterious Girl singer ditched his usually clean-cut look in favour of tattoos and piercings as he gets into character for his latest project.

At the time, the TV regular showed off his numerous tattoos in a navy vest top as he's seen sitting in a trashed room with a bottle of whiskey.

Another picture from the set hinted at an on-screen romance as he gets close to a flame-haired actress for the short indi flick.

Discussing the project at the time, Peter admitted he "got the acting bug" and hoped to be spending more time in the States to further his screen career.

He wrote in his new! magazine column in 2018: "Although it can be full-on, I can honestly say shooting was an incredible experience. It was intense and very dark. I can't wait to see the edit.

"Becoming the character took months of preparing and thankfully it paid off. I'll be going back later in the year to film more."

While preparing for the role of Harry, Peter was forced to hit back at critics who suggested he was too ripped to play an addict.

He told the Mirror: "Somebody did comment that a heroin addict doesn’t work out.

Meanwhile, his other half Emily was at home with their children Millie and Theo as she didn't have enough time off to temporarily relocate to LA.

She wrote in her column for OK!: "I only get a set number of annual leave days, so would rather use those when we can go away with the kids or spend quality time together.

"He's working 16-hour days out there, so we wouldn't get to spend any time together."



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