Phillip Schofield unveils health diagnosis as This Morning host addresses ‘croaky’ voice

Phillip Schofield reveals medical reason for 'croaky voice'

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The This Morning presenters explained at the very start of the ITV show that Phillip Schofield had been given a diagnosis recently. Immediately after the opening titles rolled, Holly Willoughby told viewers not to “panic” at her colleague’s apparent voice change. The duo confirmed Phillip had been tested for COVID-19 but that he was in fact suffering from laryngitis.

“Don’t panic,” Holly started the show by stating abruptly.

“We haven’t changed his voice to protect his identity. What’s going on with you?”

In an unrecognisable voice, Phillip replied: “I have been fully tested, I feel amazingly good but I have a touch of laryngitis.”

“So, you’re just going to sound… kind of sexy, actually,” Holly joked.

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