Piers Morgan rages at Wimbledon's 'insidious attack on chivalry'

Piers Morgan isn’t a fan of the changes happening at Wimbledon, with the abandoning of the titles used to refer to women, like ‘miss’ and ‘ms’.

Talking about the new rules for umpires on Tuesday morning, the presenter had a rage at the switch up, as the All England Lawn Tennis Club claimed it was time for it to ‘move with the times’.

To Piers, he believed Wimbledon had reacted to ‘this absurd global movement in case anybody in the future might be upset’ at being referred to by such a title.

He went head to head with Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid about the change, as he believed it was a direct attack on chivalry and gentlemanly actions

‘No you don’t have to move with the times…what happened to chivalry?’ Piers said, as he turned it around.

Susanna quickly replied: ‘It got lost in the battle for equality.

‘I want people to call me Reid like they call you Morgan!’

The chat then turned to congratulations for Cori Gauff who beat Venus Williams (not long before Piers admitted he was a ball boy at Wimbledon at the age of 15…) after the teenage sensation pulled off a memorable Wimbledon upset by beating Venus in straight sets 6-4 6-4 as the youngest player in the competition beat the oldest.

But then the talk turned back to the lack of her being referred to as ‘miss’ as per the new rules.

‘You see an umpire being chivalrous saying Miss Gauff,’ Piers said. ‘Suddenly they changed it, so now it’s Gauff…

‘It’s not equality to get rid of chivalry.’

His co-host Reid wondered whether they just call men ‘mister’ and ‘master’ but that only fuelled the chivalry fire more so, as Piers argued the construct of chivalry was exclusive only for the men to use towards women.

‘Chivalry is from men to women, there isn’t even a transgender player where this would be necessary where you might upset the transgender player,’ he fumed, as Susanna wondered why it mattered to know the marital status of the female players.

She’s got a point, you know.

‘Why have traditions,’ Piers said. ‘Why have anything?’

And, well, frankly, it was on.

‘What is wrong with you women? Why can’t you take a compliment?’ Piers continued with gathering gusto. ‘A lot of women, if you open the door for them, they look angry. “How dare you infringe on my feminist rights”.

‘It’s polite, its chivalrous, it’s gentlemanly, all the things you’re not allowed to be any more.

‘It’s another insidious attack on chivalry, on men being allowed to be chivalrous. You’re not coming to get us, you’re running away from historic, traditional chivalrous behaviour.’

Seems Mr Morgan has found something that really grinds his gears on a Tuesday morning.

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