Piers Morgan returns to GMB with rant about a 'grim' start to 2021 as Susanna Reid admits festive break was 'difficult'

PIERS Morgan returned to Good Morning Britain this morning as fired up as ever.

He ranted about the "grim" start to the year and slammed the "morons" protesting against Covid outside a hospital.

Meanwhile Susanna brought glamour to breakfast TV in a striking red dress and lipstick as she sparred with her co-star.

But she admitted she faced a "difficult" time over Christmas and New Year wondering how much longer the coronavirus misery will go on for.

"Anything happen while we've been away," joked Susanna, as they kicked off their first show of 2021.

Piers replied: "I wish I could say it was a Happy New Year, but it's not, is it?

"It's a grim start to the new year."

Susanna added: "Except, good news vaccine day part two. The first person should be vaccinated in the next hour or so."

Piers went on to rant about maskless "morons" who were protesting outside St Thomas' Hospital in London.

They were filmed mobbing an A&E doctor today while yelling "Covid is a hoax" as he left a hospital after a New Year's Eve late shift.

"This is one of the disgusting things I've watched," said Piers.

"They're chanting covid is a hoax outside St Thomas' Hospital, which is one of the leading intensive care units in the capital.

"It's where they saved Boris Johnson's life and these morons [are protesting]."

Susanna admitted about "hard" time over difficult

It has been hard though, relaly hard.

"I don't know about anybody else, but this Christmas and New Year has been difficult.

"I definitely felt on New Year's Day… we hoped the start of 2021 there was light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines being rolled out and I think a lot of people thought, I'm not sure how much more of this we are going to have to face."

Piers added: "It's our job to keep you going, which is what we're going to be doing every day because we've all felt like that.

"The truth is.. the best hope I can give you.. is imagine how despondent things would look if there were no vaccines."

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