‘Potty mouth’ Oti Mabuse left red-faced as Steph McGovern scolds her for huge swear gaffe

Steph McGovern calls Oti Mabuse ‘potty mouthed’

Steph McGovern was forced to step in and apologise for Oti Mabuse’s language on Channel 4’s Packed Lunch today as the Strictly Come Dancing star discussed Elon Musk’s plans to implant microchips into people’s brains to create a brain-to-machine interface. Oti was discussing the news item during The One O’Clock Views segment when she inadvertently swore live on air. 

The Ballroom and Latin dancer argued that despite being “lazy” she didn’t see the point of a microchip inside your brain  controlling technology.

Oti said: “At what point do we stop? I can be quite lazy but I can switch on the lights myself.

“Imagine one day [my husband’s] p****d off and he just switches it off.”

“I just have to apologise for that language,” Steph said as Oti covered her mouth.

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“We need a chip to stop [Oti swearing],” she added. 

“We’ve got a Strictly champion with a potty mouth. Apologies everybody.”

Oti held her head in her hands as she apologised: “I’m so sorry.”

Earlier in the show, Steph asked Oti her thoughts on removing controversial statues. 

The Strictly star said: “For me if there’s a statue somewhere it should be a message of hope, it should be a message of pride.

“You want to know that person has done some good in the history.

“But not just to the people of the city, around the world. Now if this person has done some really bad stuff, you had to think of those people who see that.”

“Is that a reminder of stay in your lane, stay where you belong, you don’t belong here, we have power,” Oti explained. 

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“I think it’s the message that the statue has and I think it’s important we have heroes and who have contributed positively to history not negatively.

“Therefore suggesting we should take down some of these statues,” Steph remarked.

“But replace them with good ones,” Oti continued. “It’s not like you take them down and leave it there. 

“You replace them with really good ones with people who’ve done stuff for the environment, for people in need as well.”

“And this has happened in South Africa, hasn’t it?” Steph asked. 

“Yes, because in South Africa we had apartheid and we used to have all these old leaders who had statues and they took them down. 

“They changed street names and they replaced them with people who revolutionised and gave us freedom and I’m here before of it.”

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 12.30pm.

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