Pregnant EastEnders star Louisa Lytton started trying for a baby after coronavirus cancelled her dream wedding

PREGNANT Louisa Lytton has revealed she started trying for a baby after coronavirus cancelled her dream wedding.

The 32-year-old EastEnders star was devastated she couldn't say "I do" to her fiancé Ben Bhanvra and decided to start their family instead.

But after falling pregnant before Boris Johnson announced his roadmap out of lockdown, it turns out their wedding could have gone head after all.

Speaking on Loose Women today, Louisa – who plays Ruby Allen in the BBC One soap – said: "We've cancelled the wedding.

"I said to Ben, 'let's start trying because it doesn't look like the wedding is happening'.

"Then we fell pregnant and officially our wedding could go ahead but it's too late now.

"It's all gone out the window, but it's fine."

Louisa revealed the happy news she's having her first child by showing off her growing baby bump to fans on Mother's Day.

Telling the Loose Women about her pregnancy, the actress admitted she had enjoyed a boozy night on tequila the night before she found out she was expecting.

"I'm through the first hurdle of the 12 weeks so I'm feeling a lot better now," said Louisa.

"We actually found out on Boxing Day which was really nice.

"I had been drinking tequila the night before, so…"

Louisa added: "I've not stopped eating junk food, constantly for 12 weeks. I've had dinner and then gone for a drive-thru.

"My appetite just went through the roof."

This week, the pregnant actress's character will discover she has endometriosis after her devastating miscarriage.

She has been filming the heartbreaking storyline at the same time as growing her baby bump.

Louisa admitted: "It's a very strange time for me, but it's the job and it's no one's fault."

On Mother's Day, Louisa posted a video that began with the card that she got her own mum, which read: "Just a little note to say, there's a baby on the way".

It went on to show her and fiancé Ben Bhanvra preparing to become parents – with Ben reading pregnancy books, and their pet pooch posing in a cute neckerchief that reads: "My parents are getting me a human."

Louisa captioned the sweet post: "Dear Mum, if I am a fraction of the mother you are, I know I’ll be the best.

"You have held my hand for 32 years, you have taught me right from wrong, corrected my spelling, and helped me see the light at the end of every single tunnel.

"And now you will guide me to becoming a mummy. (Just try not to move yourself in or Ben might leave.

"Happy Mother’s Day All, to those that are here, that are not with us in person but with us every moment and to those on a journey."

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