Pregnant Kate Ferdinand reveals she 'battles day-to-day' with anxiety and feels insecure

KATE Ferdinand opened up about how she is "really struggling" with pregnancy.

Kate, 29, has been brutally honest about her pregnancy journey which has been riddled with anxiety and crippling back pain.

Rio Ferdinand's wife revealed she battled anxiety everyday and how she was "really struggling" during her first trimester.

She is expecting her first baby with Rio, 41, and told the Going for Goals podcast what her first pregnancy has been like.

 "Lockdown has been an experience," the step-mum of three explained.

"Obviously I was pregnant and the children didn't know, and something I've struggled with is being pregnant with my first biological child and still being a mum.

"So I felt I had all these new experiences… but I was still a stepmother or mother figure to three kids. I struggle with my mental health.

"Being active helps day-to-day with my anxiety, so when I can't do things, I struggle with it."

She also opened up about how being physically unable to get things done impacted her mental health.

 "So when I can't do things, I really struggle with it…I want to do everything. Rio says to me 'Kate, just sit down. You just need to sit down and relax'.

"But I don't know why, I just feel guilty when I do. [Anxiety is] something I've suffered with from when I can remember. It can start over the simplest thing, and it's just my mind playing tricks on me and can get out of control."

She added that exercise helped her: "But I do find that when I exercise or go for a walk, I seem to feel better for the day."

The reality TV star also spoke about struggling to cope with her changing body.

"I am quite emotional. I feel a little bit insecure," Kate revealed.

"I feel like not like me, and I struggled with that for a little while… feeling insecure with just how I look and my changing body, and I know it sounds very superficial… but struggling how to dress for this… Everything that you know has changed.

"The first three months I really, really struggled. I'm normally really active and I run around like a lunatic, just doing everything constantly."

She added: "And I just couldn't… I couldn't get my head around being tired and not having the energy to go to the gym… But as I'm in the second trimester, I feel a bit more normal… I feel a bit more like myself."

Kate and husband Rio revealed over the summer they are having a baby boy.

They already share children Tia, nine, Tate, 12, and Lorenz, 14, who are Rio's kids with his late wife Rebecca.

The star has previously revealed how much trouble she was having with her pregnancy.

The former Towie star posted candid photos of herself as she told her followers she wanted to share the reality of how she’s feeling at the moment. 

In the pics she is seen wrapped in a blanket and lying on the sofa in one snap with the family dog keeping her company.

In another, she's seen lying on a massage table as a physio stands over her.

Kate shared one more selfie photo of her sitting on the floor, dressed in black leggings and a vest top.

She said: "I am hugely struggling with my lower back and groin! I’ve always had back problems but this is really taking its toll 😫 I don’t like to moan too much on here but the reality is I am struggling 😕 some days it’s manageable and others by the end of the day Its a struggle to even stand up."

"Getting my head around losing the ability to move freely is difficult at times, especially with 3 kids and dogs flying around the house like lunatics."

Kate admitted some days her pain is "unmanageable" and she is having regular physical therapy on her back.

She also urged fans not to believe everything they see on social media.

Kate said: "Sometimes social media can make it seem like the glamorous moments outweigh the norm."

On the podcast she also revealed that taking breaks from social media helps her mental health.

She explained: "I'm still not great at it, but I do try to remember that social media and other people's opinions is not me. I do try to have a break. 

"I try to stay off it, and for quite a bit of my pregnancy I wasn't on social media. I just found I couldn't keep up with the kids, the holiday and everything. When I'm not on it I do feel happier"

"If you're not in the right mindset it can just be a negative place… People write some crazy stuff on there, and you can get caught up in it all."

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