Proud Gordon Ramsay sheds tear for Tilly’s Strictly performance

Strictly: Gordon Ramsay says he was a 'mess' watching Tilly

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He and wife Tana were in the BBC audience when the 19-year-old danced the Charleston with her professional partner, Nikita Kuzmin. Gordon, 54, is better known for his fiery four-letter rants. But as the TV lights came up he gave a hint of his softer side.

Tess Daly was quick to pick up on it. She told a breathless Tilly: “Oh darling, everyone’s on their feet, that was so much fun! Your dad Gordon shed a tear, he’s so proud of you!”

Strictly fans took to social media to remark on the proud dad’s reaction.

One wrote: “Strictly what, Gordon Ramsay crying, getting soft in his old age…” Another said: “Aww so lovely to see your sensitive side Papa G.”

TikTok star Tilly is said to have become “very close” to Nikita after the pair were seen at her flat. Rumours suggest the pair may have been hit by the “Strictly curse”.

Tilly has been dating Seth Mack since 2019 and Nikita, 23, has a girlfriend, Nicola Wirt.

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