Ratched viewers horrified by child sexual abuse and asylum torture scenes – claiming show should come with warnings

RATCHED viewers have been left horrified by the child sex abuse and asylum torture scenes – and have claimed that the show should come with warnings.

The American psychological thriller – which first hit our screens last Friday – has got loads of people talking about its gripping storylines.

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Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series stars Sarah Paulson – who plays the part of the iconic sadistic asylum nurse – who was inspired by the character of Nurse Ratched in Ken Kesey's classic 1962 novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

The eight-episode show is set in 1947 and follows her as head carer at a psychiatric hospital in California, where she begins to experiments on her patients.

And although the series got to number one in fifty different countries on the streaming service when it was released, some fans think that its portrayal of abuse and violence towards others could be triggering to watch.

Fans flocked to Twitter to express their concerns about the new Netflix series.

One wrote: "Sure, Ratched has lesbians, but it also has: -gay conversion therapy/homophobia -lobotomy’s/disturbing views on mental illnesses -abuse -dubious consensual sex -too much gore/violence/graphic scenes -misogynistic men RatchedNetflix should be cancelled, so should Paulson"

Another decided to help others and pointed out trigger warnings for people who have suffered with abuse in the past.

They tweeted: "Trigger warnings for Ratched I thought may be helpful S1:E3 trigger warning gay conversion torture at 10:00-14:45 and sex scene that may be traumatic for lesbians 30:05-31:35 S1:E5

"Trigger warning drug abuse 48:00-48:20 S1:E6 trigger warning animal cruelty 14:10 to 15:05 and trigger warning child sexual abuse 23:22-27:40 + content warning 31:20-32:20"

Another picked up on the same thing and said: "content warning // mention of trigger warnings in the pic since Ratched doesn’t have an actual trigger warning scene or something, i listed them all and the episodes where they appear.

"Mostly are blood, gore, and murder, but there’s lesbophobia and child abuse too."

And a fourth admitted that it completed spoilt the show for them and said: "guys ep 6 can be really heavy for some. it has no trigger warning so share/retweet this: Ratched's ep 6 "Got No Strings" has child physical and psychological abuse.

"It isn't so graphic, but still very triggering. It actually kinda ruined the show to me."

Although other viewers pointed out Sarah Paulson's great adaptation of the wicked nurse.

They tweeted: "@MsSarahPaulson is a damn powerhouse in Ratched. Give this woman all the awards!!!

"P.S: Yes, I, a 22 year old man did bawl like a baby RE: the abuse storyline. I don’t care though, it hit hard. B-E-A-U-TIFULLY DONE"

Another said: "Has anyone started Ratched??? New Netflix show with Sarah Paulson? ITS SO F***ING GOOD!!!!!"

A third wrote: "Started watching Ratched on Netflix today & holy s**t I’m hooked. SO creepy. SO weird. But SO good! Sarah Paulson is really one of the greatest actresses of our time. I love her work!"

But it's not the first time Sarah has worked on something spooky as she's collaborated with the director on a number of occasions for FX's American Horror Story.

The show also stars Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone and Charlie Carver and they recently opened up to The Sun's TV Mag about Sarah's portrayal of Nurse Ratched.

Sharon, 62, spoke about Sarah's immense talent and how her star is shining at the right time for female actors on screen.

She said: "I have always thought that she was really something. Her work is amazing and she also produced this show.

"She's so on time for an era where women are actually allowed to do something.

"In my era, we were given a lot of false things in our contract, approvals of this person, approvals of your directors, approvals of this or that, but they weren't real.

"It was what they call a vanity deal. You didn't have anything. Sarah is a young woman coming into the full flesh of her stardom and Ryan is the kind of producer who is actually respecting her deal.

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"I admire and respect her, and we've become great friends. I'm just honored and thrilled to be her friend and delighted to work for her and with her.

"I am so thrilled that she's amazing at a time where there's a place for her to be that."

Cynthia, 54, added: "What we see in Sarah’s performance is somebody who has had horrific things happen to her. Somebody with less strength may not have made it.

"What her Nurse Ratched is able to do is to take these terrible traumas that happened to her, compartmentalize them and keep moving forward.

"So she can be ruthless, but she can also be shy and fragile. She can be incredibly sexually aggressive, or she can be very frightened when someone just touches her hand.

"I think that's what we do if we want to survive."

Netflix's synopsis of the show reads: "The wheels are always turning and as she begins to infiltrate the mental health care system and those within it, Mildred's stylish exterior belies a growing darkness that has long been smoldering within, revealing that true monsters are made, not born."

You can watch Ratched on Netflix now.

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