'RHOP': Monique Samuels Teases Release of Infamous Reunion Binder Receipts

During The Real Housewives of Potomac season 5 reunion, Monique Samuels shocked viewers by pulling out a receipt-filled binder. After fans only heard the bombshell regarding Gizelle Bryant, they began begging her to drop the other information. A couple of months later, Samuels teased the upcoming release of her receipts on social media.

Samuels exposed Jamal and Gizelle Bryant’s relationship with binder during reunion

Due to the physical altercation with Candiace Dillard, the other ladies didn’t want to film with Monique Samuels, especially after they pursued legal action. Therefore, Samuels wasn’t involved in the season as much.

Feeling iced out, the podcast host arrived at the reunion prepared with a binder filled with receipts to put the other ladies on blast. After Karen Huger questioned the authenticity of Gizelle Bryant’s rekindled relationship with ex-husband Jamal, the Not For Lazy Moms dropped a bombshell on the former first lady.

She flipped to Bryant’s designated green tab and read messages supposedly from Jamal to a woman he allegedly dated while in a relationship with the OG housewife. In these texts, the Atlanta-based pastor admitted he faked getting back with his ex for the show.

When Samuels asked Bryant if the number associated with the messages belonged to the pastor, she reluctantly admitted it but refused to acknowledge the situation further. 

Monique Samuels quit ‘RHOP’

Toward the beginning of the season, Dillard broadcasted live on Instagram and claimed a few of the other ladies, including Samuels’ ex-friend and former housewife Charrisse Jackson Jordan, plotted to spread a rumor that the podcast host’s trainer fathered her youngest son.

Therefore, the Samuels went live and clarified the story from their perspective because Bryant brought the tale to the show by speaking about it in her confessional when a few other housewives promised they wouldn’t.

The couple also wanted to clear the rumors during the reunion but felt they didn’t have a chance as it only showed their live for husband Chris to apologize for an insensitive comment he made.

Therefore, she noted in an interview with All About the Tea that she emailed her resignation following the reunion’s final aired part.

Samuels explained she wanted her and her family to have “vindication” and didn’t appreciate how it showed their response but not Dillard’s initial video admitting to the plot.

Additionally, the Not For Lazy Moms owner felt other housewives were not called out for their part in spreading the rumor about her family. Because she thought they held their tongue for a year expecting the proper addressing of it at the reunion but didn’t get it, Samuels quit the show.

Samuels seemingly ready to release receipts from binder

The iconic binder the former Potomac housewife brought sent waves throughout the community, with host Andy Cohen promising it a spot in the Housewives Museum.

Following the reunion, Samuels uploaded a video of the binder in which each of her co-stars had their own entry to her social media. Several fans noted they wanted to see her receipts on everyone else, with some claiming they would even pay for it.

A couple of months after the reunion, Samuels teased the infamous receipts’ release on her Instagram with a minute-long bonfire-themed video. In the clip, the former housewife claimed she would share some “binder time riddles” with her followers for them to determine who is telling the truth.

Additionally, she acknowledged the several “demands” for a peek inside her binder and promised she would release a story soon. One follower asked if they should take notes, and Samuels responded, “most definitely.” While many fans are excited, some believe she should leave it alone because she quit the show.

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