Romesh Ranganathan reveals he would cry at work before turning to comedy

BEING a stand-up comic must be the toughest of gigs – but Romesh Ranganathan says it is a doddle compared to his early work.

The comedian and star of A League Of Their Own and The Ranganation has revealed he used to disappear into the loos and have a weep just to survive the pressures of one of his first jobs.

On the Apple podcast Headstrong, which is available from tomorrow, he said: “I was working for an airline caterers and it was a really stressful job and I wasn’t really enjoying it.

“I remember one day I was doing something and I was working towards a really tight deadline.

"I felt really stressed and went to the toilet and sat in one of the cubicles and I started crying.

“Then I finished crying and I came back and sat at my desk and felt loads better.

"I pressed a reset button on my stress. Once every few weeks I’d go to the toilet and have a cry.

“Then I realised, ‘This is probably not viable, in the long term, to live like this’.”

After going into teaching he realised comedy was his true calling.

Romesh added: “I am actually inherently very lazy but I do really like what I do.”

Berry's banger clanger

MARY Berry suffered a major memory misfire on the opening episode of BBC1’s Celebrity Best Home Cook.

Tasting former rugby player Gareth Thomas’ Glamorgan sausages – a Welsh speciality of veggie bangers – the ex-Bake Off judge said: “I’ve never seen, heard or known a Glamorgan sausage.

“But it’s fantastic. It’s absolutely superb.”

Which was a surprising revelation, considering the same dish appears in the 2012 edition of Mary’s Complete Cookbook.

To be fair, she can be forgiven for not remembering every recipe she has committed to paper.

And with social-distancing rules meaning she has to watch contestants from a balcony and through binoculars, I’m sure one sausage looks much like another.

The Clown

CAST members from The Crown lightened the mood between filming a funeral scene on the Netflix drama.

Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson led co-stars in a dance routine to Lizzo’s Good As Hell.

Meghan's mocked in Netflix putdown

THE Duchess Of Sussex has come under plenty of heat since joining the Royal Family, – but probably didn’t expect any from her Netflix bosses.

Meghan is mocked in an episode of The Netflix Afterparty, with her marriage to Prince Harry compared to an unseemly affair from period drama Bridgerton.

There’s also a dismissive reference to her former acting career in the series, which sees the likes of British comedian London Hughes review the streaming service’s biggest hits.

Discussing a plotline where Viscount Anthony Bridgerton refuses to marry a lowly peasant, comic Fortune Feimster says: “In modern times it would be like a prince hooking up with the fourth lead of Suits.”

Ouch. It doesn’t seem the wisest of moves from Netflix, where Meghan and Harry have signed a deal to make documentaries, films, scripted shows and kids’ programmes.

But the reported £100million pay might smooth things over

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