Saturday Kitchen fans recoil as Matt drops scallop on floor to ‘serve to guests’

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Saturday Kitchen fans were left disgusted this week, as chef Matt Tebbutt appeared to drop a fresh scallop on the floor – before proceeding to serve it to his guests.

Matt was joined on-set by football manager and King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp, chef Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed and chocolatier Paul A. Young, who had been busy making blondies.

Wine expert Helen McGinn also joined the show via video link.

Matt was busy making a seafood dish with fresh scallops, prawns and more – but things turned slightly chaotic as he accidentally dropped one of the scallops on the floor, before bending to quickly pick it up and replace it in the glass bowl.

And though the camera quickly switched back to Harry, eagle-eyed fans didn't miss the blunder, turning to Twitter to share their disgust.

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One posted: "Er, did I just see a scallop jump on to the floor then jump in to the glass bowl?", as another echoed: "Did Matt just drop a scallop on the floor and then pick it up and put it back in the bowl?"

Another mistook the scallop for an oyster as they penned: "That oyster's still alive! Done a runner!"

"@matt_tebbutt I don't think anyone saw you drop it and put it in the bowl!" someone else said, while a fifth fan penned: "Discreetly cutting the floor fluff off the scallop that made a bid for freedom!"

Someone else pointed out: "I can't believe I saw Matt put a scallop that had fallen on the floor back in the bowl. I would have washed it and then put in the bowl. I still love the programme!"

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"Matt thinks he got away with dropping that scallop!" another quipped.

Matt later handed out bowls to each of his guests – leaving fans recoiling in horror.

"Matt Tebbutt @SaturdayKitchen a raw scallop on the floor then served it to the guests!" one fan tweeted with a raised eyebrow emoji.

But Matt himself insisted nobody received the fallen scallop, explaining to Paul: "Sadly I've only got two scallops, so… you're not having one. 'Cause I dropped it on the floor."

Paul asked: "Can I have a prawn then?"

"Yeah, you can have extra prawns!" Matt allowed.

Earlier in the show, Matt had been left red-faced as he received a stern telling-off from chocolatier Paul, as he mistook his blondies on sticks for cake pops.

"How dare you," Paul quickly responded. "It's a blondie. Well, it could be a blondie pop."

Matt insisted: "I thought they were called cake pops, these things!"

Paul explained the reason for his initial offence after making the blondies from scratch, as he said: "Cake pops tend to be squished up cake, leftover cake."

Saturday Kitchen airs from 10am each Saturday on BBC.

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