Selena Gomez 'QUITS Hillsong church' after pastor Carl Lentz's cheating as ex Justin Bieber is 'furious' about scandal

SELENA Gomez has reportedly quit the Hillsong church after Carl Lentz's cheating scandal.

The singer – who was introduced to Hillsong by Justin Bieber – is "bitterly disillusioned" with the megachurch after being a devotee for four years.

Selena has not "identified" with Hillsong since she split from Justin in 2018, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

The former Disney star – who is rumored to be dating NBA star Jimmy Butler – is reportedly no longer close with the church's founder, Brian Houston, or his family.

“At one stage she adored Carl… she, Brian, his daughter Laura and Justin were a team, really close, she used to hang out with Brian’s daughter-in-law Esther, now she doesn’t want anything to do with Hillsong anymore,” a source claimed.

“Selena considers herself a Christian, she says she has a close relationship with God and she believes this is not how God wants us to operate, she’s disillusioned."

The insider added: “She doesn’t identify with Hillsong any longer.”

Selena's close friend Carl was sacked last month after his six-month affair with New York-based designer, Ranin Karim, was exposed.

The former pastor remains married to Laura, 40, who he has three kids with – Ava, 16, Charlie, 14, and Roman, 11.

After Laura was also sacked from Hillsong, the family relocated to Los Angeles.

The Sun exclusively revealed that the pair will not be divorcing and that Carl is determined to build a new life for his family and a reality career.

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, have cut ties with Carl since the scandal broke.

A source told The Sun: “Carl’s cheating has caused irreparable damage with many people he was close with, including Justin and Hailey. 

“They were both extremely shocked and disappointed when Carl’s confession came out.”

The Sun exclusively spoke to Ranin about dating the married church leader before their emotional breakup just days before the news broke.

“He loves me and I love him. It was a love relationship that wasn’t planned. It wasn’t just a fling or just a sexual relationship," she said.

She explained that the pair met in May at Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York, when he approached her to flirt and make small talk. 

Ranin claimed Carl refused to give her his last name and told her he was a sports agent.

Since Hillsong launched an investigation into Carl's behavior, an insider has told The Sun that more affairs have allegedly been exposed.

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