Seth Meyers Mocks President Trump on ‘Late Night’ For Doling Out “Unusual Holds”

With the House impeachment hearings just hours away, the late-night comedians are zeroing in on the latest developments out of Washington.

On NBC’s Late Night, host Seth Meyers found humor in newly released testimony from Laura Cooper, the Pentagon’s deputy assistant secretary for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Cooper told impeachment investigators President Trump directed government agencies to freeze military aid to Ukraine, a hold she described as “unusual.”

Meyers found Cooper’s description comical.

“According to transcripts released last night, a Pentagon official told investigators that President Trump placed an ‘unusual’ hold on aid to Ukraine, because if there’s one thing Trump specializes in, it’s unusual holds,” the comedian quipped Tuesday night.

The show then cut to a split screen graphic. On one side it showed Trump wrapping his arms around the American flag. The other image showed the president embracing and appearing to air kiss Vice President Mike Pence.

“I’m just going to grab your hand real tight and get my lips as close as I can without touching you. It’ll make a good picture,” Meyers joked in his best Trump voice.

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