Sharon Stone halts awkward GMB interview after forgetting to plug laptop in

Sharon Stone had to pause her Good Morning Britain interview after forgetting to plug her laptop in.

The 63-year-old film star was chatting to Susanna Reid and Adil Ray from her Los Angeles home when the warning sign clearly started flashing.

Actress Sharon was plugging her new book The Beauty of Living Twice when disaster almost struck live on air.

The trio were discussing depression, and Sharon's spiritual outlook on life when the screen was moments away from going blank.

"In my parents' era nobody talked about anything, there was no communication at all," she stated after opening up about her life.

"Then in our generation, we were the first ones to really fight for……" she stuttered as she noticed something wasn't right.

Sharon added "…..I need to plug in my computer!"

She then leaned away with the red warning light clearly on, disappearing from our screen.

Susanna shouted: "Even Hollywood superstars can run out of battery! Who needs tech teams?"

Sharon returned, yelling: "I'm back!"

Laughing Adil added: "She did it herself, she doesn't need someone to do it for her!"

Late on, things got a bit awkward.

Adil said it was a crime she didn't win an Oscar for Casino in 1996.

He called it one of his favourite films but Sharon didn't want to talk about it – she wants you to read about it in her book.

"I talked about everything I have to say about that in the book," she said, bluntly.

"So, I'm not really with that."

But The Specialist star the he was happy to talk about the stresses and strains of Covid-19 with her young family.

"I'm in lockdown with 15, 16 and 21 year-old boys!" she said.

"There's a lot of dirty dishes around and I'm not the best housekeeper in the world.

"This has been an awful year for so many people.

"But I believe in body, mind and spirit."

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