'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Still Sees Value in Her Relationship With Kody Brown

Kody Brown’s marriage to Meri Brown has been in shambles since 2015. Sister Wives fans are no stranger to their drama. Still, they were surprised to see Kody be so honest about his feelings regarding the couple’s relationship. He made it clear that he doesn’t see any value in his marriage to Meri. Meri, surprisingly, doesn’t feel that way.

Kody Brown said he didn’t see any value in mending his relationship with Meri Brown during a Sister Wives interview

The Brown family has gotten particularly honest this season with their fans. They appear to be airing out the family drama in full, and each member of the clan seems to be questioning their commitment to polygamy. Still, Kody’s admission that he truly sees no value in maintaining a relationship with Meri felt particularly harsh.

The revelation came in a solo interview for Sister Wives. Kody revealed that he sees no reason to work on his relationship with Meri because he has three other wives and children with those wives that need him. The statement felt particularly raw because Meri had once expressed an interest in infertility treatments to have another child. Kody and Meri share one child, but there are 18 children in the family. Kody has six kids with both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. He and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, have five children.

Meri Brown, surprisingly, doesn’t agree with him

For years, fans have largely assumed that Meri has one foot out the door. Since joining LuLaRoe and opening her inn, the mother of one has truly flourished. She seems to enjoy spending time with a wide array of family and friends and doesn’t seem particularly rooted in the family’s new home in Arizona. Still, she insists she sees value in her relationship with Kody.

Meri told Us Weekly that the sentiment hurt her but that she respects the way Kody feels. She went on to insist that she, personally, still felt like there was value in their relationship, both when Kody made the statement and today. Where they officially stand in real-time, however, is anyone’s guess.

Would Kody ask one of his wives to leave the family?

If Kody no longer values Meri’s presence in his life, why is she still in it? Fans have long wondered why they continue to see each other if they don’t seem to like each other anymore. Several fans theorize that Meri remains in the family to keep up appearances and ensure the family’s reality TV show continues.

Kody also seems unlikely ever to ask a wife to leave the group. After all, he doesn’t actually have to. As Kody said himself, he doesn’t have to put in time or effort into any relationship he feels doesn’t serve him because he has several others. In short, Kody seems content to ignore Meri or any other wife that isn’t in his good graces. Nothing more really needs to be done, considering he is already legally divorced from Meri.

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