Some 'Gossip Girl' Fans Hope Zoya and Obie Don't Become a Couple

Gossip Girl is once again starting off with an interesting love triangle. But some fans aren’t looking forward to Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak) getting closer to Obie (Eli Brown). This is what was shown in the promo and what fans are saying about them.

Obie dumped Julien in ‘Gossip Girl’

The season started with Julien (Jordan Alexander) and Obie still in a relationship. But Obie had no interest in Julien being a social media influencer. He also took offense to Julien lying and scheming behind his back.

Obie broke up with Julien by the end of the episode. There was a false rumor going around school that he already moved on with her half-sister, Zoya. That’s because Gossip Girl posted a picture of them getting undressed next to each other.

This is all part of the teachers’ plan to bring back Gossip Girl. The account claimed the sisters were feuding. It looks like Zoya and Obie will grow even closer.

Some ‘Gossip Girl’ fans hope Zoya and Obie don’t become a couple

The first episode ended with Obie and Zoya becoming closer. It looks like that will continue, but fans aren’t happy about it. They shared their thoughts in a Reddit thread about the upcoming episode based on the synopsis, “As Zoya hesitantly explores a new romantic interest, Max aggressively pursues one of his own. Meanwhile, Julien sets out to fix her mistakes.” 

“Wait what? Zoya’s actually considering Obie aka her half-sister’s ex? That was quick! And I hope Max is going after Aki (or Audrey for that matter). Anything to do with him is always interesting. Julien’s always got a good heart IMO but Monet and Luna always get in the way lol,” one fan wrote. Another fan replied, “zoya seems naive so it makes sense that she’d make those choices.”

A third fan wrote, “Zoya really has no respect for her sister. Disgusting. As for Max, I saw some clip where he teases Aki about what they did that afternoon in front of Audrey, he gets really nervous and says nothing happened, then Mas [sic] says it was just finding shoes and Audrey’s like ok.jpg and leaves, then Max winks at Aki. I’m interested in Julien the most.”

It looks like some fans don’t want to see Zoya and Obie quickly move on together. But the season 1 promo shows they will be interested in each other.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 1 promo teases Zoya and Obie

A promo has been released, teasing the rest of the season. “Open your eyes! He’s no longer in your orbit. He’s in hers,” someone says as Obie walks away from Julien in one clip and meets up with Zoya in another. 

The teachers are seen posting more as Gossip Girl and calling it a “revolution.” But the teachers will have to be careful. Someone in the faculty is making it their mission to expose and expel whoever is behind the account. 

The promo then returns to Zoya and Julien’s fallout. Zoya says she is still struggling to fit in at Constance. Julien says she wants to expose Zoya for who she really is. Only time will tell how the drama between the sisters will play out.

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