'Southern Charm' Ratings Crash Without Thomas Ravenel, Fans Need 'Someone To Hate'

After Season 5 of Southern Charm wrapped last summer, star Thomas Ravenel found himself in some legal trouble after two women came forward and accused him of sexual assault. In September, police arrested Ravenel on assault charges and Bravo subsequently fired him from Southern Charm. Even though many fans were thrilled to see the former South Carolina state treasurer get the ax, it looks like Ravenel’s absence has caused the show to lose some viewers.

Fanswant to see the drama between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis

For the first five seasons of Southern Charm, fans couldn’t get enough of the drama surrounding the tumultuous relationship of Ravenel and his baby momma, Kathryn Dennis, who is thirty years his junior. While she wasn’t part of the original cast, Dennis quickly became a favorite of fans and producers alike, and by the end of Season 1, it was clear she wasn’t going anywhere.

Ravenel and Dennis welcomed their first child – a daughter they named Kensie – at the end of the first season. Despite their on again, off again relationship, less than two years later they welcomed baby number two, a son they named Saint.

But, not long after Saint arrived, Dennis and Ravenel called it quits for good in 2016, and their post-relationship drama is what really made this Charleston, South Carolina-based reality show a sensation.

Not only have they been fighting for custody over their children, but Ravenel brought in his new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, during Season 5 of Southern Charm, and viewers couldn’t wait to see how that drama played out, and the show hit a peak of 1.57 million viewers.

ThomasRavenel and Kathryn Dennis have been battling over custody for years

As soon as they split, Ravenel andDennis started fighting over the custody of their children. Originally, theyshared 50/50 custody, but when Dennis’ issues with substance abuse emerged, shelost custody and ended up in rehab.

SouthernCharm fans watched over the next year asDennis shared her sobriety journey, and when she got clean, a court-appointeddoctor recommended that she and Ravenel co-parent. By the time Season 5 came toan end in the summer of 2018, the court reinstated a 50/50 custody arrangementbetween the exes. But, that lasted just a few short months.

After Ravenel’s arrest for assaultcharges, Dennis filed for full custody in October 2018.

“TheMother is informed and believes it is the best interests of the minor childrenthat she be granted sole custody and/or primary custody of the minor children …with reasonable visitation granted to the Father,” read court documents filedby Dennis.

Is Bravo behind the current custodybattle?

ThomasRavenel believes Bravo persuaded Kathryn Dennis to file for full custodybecause it would be a dramatic storyline for Southern Charm during Season 6. And, now that he has lost his jobon the show, Ravenel is suing the network to try and prevent them from airinganything about the custody case.

Whenthe Season 6 teaser dropped, Ravenel immediately requested a hearing becausethe video featured pictures of his children and a clip of Dennis talking aboutRavenel’s legal trouble.

It’sclear Ravenel will never be part of SouthernCharm again, and that could end up being bad news because without him, theshow has struggled to redefine itself. It turns out, the show needs a villain.

Southern Charm’ Season 6 ratings continue to fall

Accordingto Fits News, Southern Charm has tried to make AustenKroll the new bad boy of the show, but it isn’t working. Viewers need “someoneto hate,” and Kroll just isn’t crazy or diabolical enough. Ravenel’s a hard actto follow in the villain role, and while Jacobs is just as hated as Ravenel,her upcoming appearance won’t last long. She is already back in California anddone with the show for good.

Theshow is slowly sliding in the ratings during Season 6 and is down to 1.28million viewers. That may not seem like a huge decline, but Southern Charm has stopped gaining new viewers and is losing fans.In the long run, that could be a problem for the Bravo show, and it’s allbecause they did the right thing and got rid of Thomas Ravenel.

Newepisodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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