Spitting Image puppets: From Piers Morgan to Greta Thunberg, who's appearing on the Britbox show?

SPITTING Image is a satirical puppet show set to return to British screens for the first time since 1984.

The show will poke fun at some of the world's biggest names in pop culture, politics and sport.

Who's in the cast of Spitting Image?

Boris Johnson

A puppet of Prime Minister Boris Johnson was one of the first five announced for the new series.

Boris' puppet Johnson includes the iconic look of scruffy blonde hair and slightly slanted tie.

Formerly the Mayor of London, Boris became leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom in July 2019.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan's Spitting Image puppet was unveiled on Good Morning Britain.

The presenter, 55, said he had waited all his life to become a puppet on the famous satirical show.

However, when he saw the puppet for the new series – which is returning to Britbox this weekend after 24 years – he was less than impressed.

Piers said: "I've waited all my adult life to have Spitting Image do a puppet of me and then last night I got sent the image. And I was like, 'You know what, I could've waited another 40 years for this'."

He joked: "As you can see it bears no relation to me whatsoever. Whatsoever!"

Greta Thunberg

It's been revealed that the environmental activist will be portrayed on Spitting Image as a weathergirl warning us about the heat.

The show's bosses have been criticised for ridiculing the teenager, but they have defended her inclusion on the show.

Reemah Sakaan, group director of SVoD at ITV said: "It’s a very straightforward joke and is nothing to do with her as an individual.

"If the show isn't stirring controversy it’s probably not doing what it set out to do,or being true to its origins."

Donald Trump

The US President's puppet was seen having a chat in the Oval Office with Boris and Russian president Vladimir Putin in a trailer for the new series.

In typical Trump fashion, he remarked: “My puppet is going to be the best puppet and I love it.”

Other clips showed the pair in a naked sauna fight, which was branded ‘gross and explicit' by some viewers.

Vladimir Putin

As mentioned previously, the Russian president will make an appearance on the show.

The trailer shows the British PM and the American president sitting side by side in the steam room, while eating fried chicken as sweat drips off their bodies.

They are soon interrupted by the Putin who is escorted by two blondes and demands they leave.

The scene soon escalates, leaving the trio without their towels and their nether regions – in puppet form of course – revealed.

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