Spoilers: Emmerdale confirms Graham's exit storyline?

We must admit to being devastated by the news that everyone’s favourite secret hiding, brooding, action man butler was set to exit Emmerdale. And in coming episodes, it seems like Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) may be set to escape the village unscathed. But when he then has a change of heart, it seems the powers that be have other plans.

With his feud with Kim Tate (Claire King) ending badly and his relationship with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) being impacted, Graham makes the decision to move on. He packs his bags but, aware that Kim and Andrea (Anna Nightingale) plan to conduct a DNA test, he decides to stick around and find out if Millie is his daughter.

Kim is soon in possession of the DNA results and wastes no time in rushing over to Andrea to expose the truth – but before they can confront the issue, Andrea is doubled over in pain and experiencing bleeding. Kim rushes her to hospital and Andrea is warned that she could be losing the baby.

As Andrea and Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) fear the worst, Kim sees the depth of their love and has second thoughts about opening the DNA results, wondering if some things are better left undiscovered.

However, that might not be the final decision, with Graham having decided now that he wants to know if Millie is his girl. Will he be able to get the results from Kim or will she stop him?

Graham’s exit was recently confirmed as Andrew will depart the role after an eventful two years in the village and show bosses promised a major Tate showdown at Home Farm this Christmas.

Could Graham be set to play his final ace by exposing the truth to an oblivious Jamie about what happened between him and Andrea? And, if so, will he live to regret it?

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