Spoilers: Frankie's sad exit story revealed in EastEnders

Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) telling Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) in EastEnders that she’s his daughter came as an unexpected and shocking revelation. It dug up so many buried memories of the past for Mick and add that to his abuser Katy (Simone Lahbib) manipulating him and trying to do the same with Frankie, it’s been a confusing and difficult time for them both.

With Frankie avoiding Katy as much as she can, and feeling as though she doesn’t have a place on the Square, her sad exit story has been revealed.

As Frankie is dropped home by the police once more, Callum (Tony Clay) reminds her she needs to stay out of trouble if she wants to work in Australia.

She later sees Mick in the Square and pushes him for answers about her mum but Mick, distracted about Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White), snaps at Frankie, leading her to rethink her future.

A hungover Frankie enters the café to see Mick and despite the tension, she wishes Mick a happy birthday and tells him she is leaving today.

Mick asks Ben (Max Bowden) where Frankie is going and when Ben tells him she has already left for Australia, Mick is thrown.

Will this be the last we’ve seen of Frankie? Will Mick regret his choices if he lets her go?

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