Spoilers: Gray plots revenge as Chantelle stands up to him in EastEnders?

Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) was terrified when husband Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) discover the truth about her miscarriage in EastEnders, but with Gray attempting to get his anger under control, he managed to refrain from kicking off. However, more problems ensued in tonight’s episode when Chantelle discovered the full truth about the attack Gray carried out in a club several weeks back — and there was conflict aplenty.

After reconciling in last night’s episode, Gray suggested that both he and Chantelle could try for another baby. However, Chantelle’s expression demonstrated that she’s not ready to do so — something which she discussed with Whitney (Shona McGarty) tonight. After realising there’s no rush, Chantelle came to the realisation that what she really needs is a girl’s night out.

With a plan set in motion, she set about getting on with her day, but when she bumped into Jack (Scott Maslen), she enquired about the fight in which Gray was involved in. While doing so, she learned the full truth — Gray had not only broken the other guy’s nose, but he’d also knocked his teeth out.

Horrified, Chantelle wasted little time in confronting her husband, but Gray didn’t take too nicely to the fact that she’d been asking questions, and thus he grabbed hold of his wife and violently shook her — something which prompted her to reveal that she’s scared of him.

Gray stopped what he was doing and promised he’d continue with the therapy. He invited Chantelle to his next session that very day and she ultimately attended with him.

During the session, Gray became rather emotional, and it appeared as if he was about to admit the truth when the therapist enquired if his outbursts ever manifested themselves physically, but in the end, the only violence he admitted to was the incident in the club.

Chantelle was once again let down by her husband, and she proceeded to tell him that they won’t be trying for another baby until he sorts himself out.

Afterwards, she got all dressed up for her big night out and refused to let Gray put her in her place — telling him that she’s going out and that she has a key to let herself in. In other words: he needn’t wait up.

As she walked down the steps outside her home and onto the Square, she couldn’t help but smile — a newfound confidence apparent in her.

Meanwhile, Gray peered at her from the window — clearly frustrated by what’s transpired.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Gray in his short time on the Square thus far, it’s that he doesn’t like being argued with — or excluded, for that matter — and Chantelle’s refusal to allow him to boss her about will no doubt result in him getting angry.

The question is: will he continue to seek help, or will he take his anger out on Chantelle once more?

EastEnders continues Thursday 21st November at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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