Spoilers: Ray exits after Kevin and Debbie fridge horror in Corrie

Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) has terrorised Coronation Street for months but finally, after causing damage and hurt to the Weatherfield residents for so long, he was at last arrested for his crimes.

Ray locked Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Debbie (Sue Devaney) in the bistro fridge and tonight, with help from Faye (Ellie Leach), Abi (Sally Carman) found them, cold and unconscious, with no idea on whether Kevin and Debbie were going to live.

Throughout his reign of terror, Ray has been incredibly smug with his plans, aware he was constantly one step ahead of everyone and when he left the police station, it looked as though he had won once more as he made his way to the airport ready for his new life in Turkey.

Elsewhere, once Kevin told Abi that Ray was responsible for the fridge terror, he and Debbie went to hospital, leaving Craig (Colson Smith), or ‘Clogs’ as his fellow police officers now call him, to find Ray at the airport.

Arrogant as ever, Ray was in the airport lounge, preparing to board his flight when Craig arrived to arrest him – Ray Crosby torturing the Weatherfield residents had at last come to an end.

Over in the hospital, Abi explained how worried she was about Kevin, and after his life-threatening situation, decided she should propose – and Kevin said yes!

It’s a positive way to end a horrific time for Kevin, and as Ray prepares for life behind bars, we better look at buying a hat!

Kevin and Abi are getting married!

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