Stephen Colbert Laughs at London Trolling Trump With Baby Blimp, Giant Lawn Penis

Stephen Colbert recapped the creative and bizarre protests President Trump has faced during his London visit –– including a giant baby blimp and a penis shaved into a lawn –– on Tuesday’s Late Show.

“For yet another day, America was 239 pounds smarter because President Trump is still in England,” the host cracked to open his monologue. “Take that, you limey bastards. That is for the War of 1812 and Piers Morgan. And I’m happy to say that our British brothers are none too happy. Thousands of protestors took to the streets for what is being called a ‘Carnival of Resistance’ against the president. Well, good for you — that sounds fun. Here, it’s a little less ‘Carnival of Resistance’ and more a traveling freak show.”

The trolling has extended beyond England’s capital into 14 cities and towns — including what Colbert called the “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-made-up town of Bishop’s Stortford, [where] a teen mowed a giant penis into a field for Trump to see as he landed in London.” He added, “It was the first time in years Trump’s been able to look down and see a penis.” 

Colbert also highlighted the rotund, inflatable “anatomically correct” baby blimp and the image projected onto the Tower of London comparing Trump’s U.K. approval rating to Obama’s — 21 to 72 percent. “It’s nice to know,” the host said of the figures. “Unfortunately, English votes don’t count in our elections. Only Russians’ do.”

The Late Show only scratched the surface of Britain’s Trump protests, which also included projecting a USS John S. McCain hat onto Madame Tussauds wax museum and erecting in London’s Trafalgar Square a 16-foot-tall statue of the president that shouts catchphrases like “You are fake news!” and “I’m a very stable genius.”

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