Stranger Things season 4: Proof that the Upside Down is alive ‘revealed’

Stranger Things fans will remember the season one episodes that saw the Hawkins residents immersed in the dark pathways of the Upside down, an alternate universe discovered by Eleven during her time in Hawkins Lab.

The Upside Down was home to the Demogorgons that terrorised the town after one moved into a different dimension and encountered Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp), taking him back to the Upside down with him leaving his family devastated and confused in the Netflix hit.

However, it seems as though the Demogorgons weren’t the only thing to come alive, as one super-fan speculates the Upside Down has a life of it’s own.

Reddit user wartonlee took to the site to share something fans missed about the gateway in a lengthy post.

The user speculated: “I think we’ve all missed something. Something we were shown from the start and took for granted without analysis – the gate is alive.

“From the first time people go in, we can see it clearly moves, re-connecting itself after the hole is brushed open. More like a mouth than a gate.

“Most importantly, as the series goes on – it grows, eventually taking up the vast majority of the room it’s in (seen when Joyce (Winona Ryder) goes in for Will).

Moreover, the user revealed it’s the alternate universe itself that fans should be afraid of, rather than the monsters that terrorise the town.

The user continued: “In this situation, the Demogorgon is just one small aspect of the Upside Down. It’s not the ‘big bad’ that we need to worry about, it’s just one aspect of this living, eating and terrifying world that has now connected to “reality”.

“Looking at how it behaves, it drags people into the world where they are slowly consumed – noticeably not by the Demogorgon itself (the way the dear is). It’s just an agent/part of the world, that brings in more food for the Upside Down as an entity.”

Is the Demogorgon merely a servant of the Upside Down?

Moreover, with the gate being closed at the end of season three with Hopper inside, this adds more possibilities to his fate as the Upside Down cannot be predicted.

The user concluded: “could it be that it infects people, to draw them in, potentially giving them some ability to use powers? I think it opens up a lot of possibilities.”

Could Hopper (David Harbour) be alive with new powers?

Meanwhile, another theory revealed the Russian plot of season three could have been foreshadowed had fans listened to one of Murray Bauman’s (Brett Gelman) many superstitious rants in season two.

In the first episode of season two Murray suspects Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as a Russian spy, but it is his comments of a Russian invasion that prove the most meaningful.

Murray said: “I talked to an ex-Big Buy employee who said some little girl shattered the door with her mind!”

“…Then last month a co-worker of Ted Wheeler’s claims some Russian girl with a shaved head was hiding in his basement, Ted now denies this.”

“…It all connects this girl is some kind of a Russian weapon, Barbara, she sees this girl tries to help her perhaps, but before she can the Russians find them, take them…

“Don’t you get it Jim? This has potentially international implications. I’m talking a full on Russian invasion right here in Hawkins!”

Stranger Things series 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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